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Welcome To Kenya IVF Fertility & Research Centre

Kenya IVF and fertility research centre Nairobi welcomes you. As we are one of the best fertility clinics in Nairobi Kenya. And we provide All Kinds of Advanced Fertility Treatments. From conceptualization and strategy to final-stage execution. As we implement your entire Fertility Treatment strategy.

Also, Kenya IVF adopts a 360° approach to make Pregnancy Possible. Our treatments include IVF, IUI, ICSI, IMSI, TESA/MESA/PESA, Surrogacy, and Egg Donation. These help with various infertility issues. The male and female sterility conditions can manage. Every problem can have a top assistant. With it, we have the top IVF doctors in Kenya. 

Many best fertility clinics in Nairobi are available. They have various services and procedures. And it can confuse the couple. As you need the best place. Thus, we are available for top treatments. We have the top fertility treatment in Kenya. We have highly affordable IVF cost in Kenya. As we have various assistance for the cost of IVF in Kenya. 

Kenya IVF welcomes all people across the globe to visit our centre. As one, if they are dealing with a severe cause of infertility. They are not able to conceive naturally after having unprotected regular intercourse for more than 12 months. The fertility experts at Kenya IVF centre are highly skilled and trained professionals. They offer the best assisted reproductive treatments to all childless couples. So that they will able to conceive their baby. Also, wish that every couple who leaves this clinic has a smile on their face and a baby on their lap.

Fertility Treatments offer in Kenya IVF:

Our Fertility Treatments Includes The Following.


IVF is a well-known artistic technique. In vitro fertilization in Kenya helps with various issues. It uses a very sophisticated technique. The pair selects different infertility problems. It increases their odds of a successful pregnancy. Additionally, they have a thriving baby who shares their genetics. With it, any additional therapy method is possible. Because it enhances pregnancy outcomes. The IVF treatment in Kenya has a much higher success percentage than any alternative treatment. The procedure includes fertilizing the couple’s eggs and sperm. It works outside of the uterus of the female. The leading specialist keeps an eye on it. The top fertilized embryos then insert themselves into the female uterus. Consequently, she will be able to produce the child. The method works best for both male and female reproductive problems. You can have cheap IVF in Kenya.


IUI in Kenya is the best infertility treatment. As Intrauterine Insemination have top results. Because it performs with advanced technologies. Moreover, it is the best method for mild infertility issues. Because the process is less invasive. The expert transfers the male partner’s sperm. It inserts into the female uterus through the vagina. So, the couple’s eggs and sperm can successfully fertilize. It provides the top pregnancy results. And the couple can have the donor sperm in poor condition. The IUI cost in Kenya is much more affordable. As the charges are much lower than any other infertility treatment. 

Egg Donation

The selection is placed first for the greatest outcomes. Because it aids Kenya’s IVF procedure. Because the eggs from the female partner are not of a healthy grade. Or the eggs of the female companion cannot use. Therefore, it was a wise choice. Because a healthy pregnancy may be aided by donor eggs. Considering that the contributors to these collections are healthy. IVF involves the fertilization of the egg. This gives the pair the best chance of becoming pregnant. And IVF in Kenya using donated eggs has excellent outcomes. The couple’s baby has a high success rate with this method. The male sperm is fertilized by the specialist on healthy donor eggs. Under the best technologies and supervision, it works well. The specialist will then insert it into the female uterus. As a result, it can offer pregnancy results.


Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is the most effective fertility therapy. It uses top-tier technology and the best methodology. In essence, it operates within IVF Kenya. Because just one procedure aids in fertilization. For instance, sperm and eggs are placed on a plate, where they are fertilized. However, the gametes are fertilized using an advanced procedure with ICSI. Because it entails choosing safe sperm. The specialist gathers them with the best notes. They fertilize individual embryos next. As they manually inject each egg with healthy sperm. Thus, fertilization between the eggs and sperm is effective. For problems with male and female infertility, it is very helpful. The IVF process in Kenya chances can increase. 


The optimal approach is Intracytoplasmic morphologic sperm injection. It aids in the infertility problems of the male companion. Due to the sperm’s bad condition. It has low motility or frequency. Thus, the technique is very comparable to ICSI. But compared to the ICSI, it produces much more effective outcomes. Separating healthy sperm is a necessary step in the procedure. Additionally, it is your best option if IVF or ICSI failed. It gathers sound sperm. The expert is using a very sophisticated magnifying lens. It aids them in producing highly motile sperm. So that the female embryos can be fertilized. It can also be used in the IVF procedure in Kenya.


It is the best ART method available. Considering that the pair has access to healthy gametes or embryos. Because it might be useful for a future baby. It can be chosen by a single individual or a couple. It enhances the outcome of their baby. Anyone can freeze their oocytes, sperm, or embryos for later use. For the subsequent pregnancy to be successful. It is beneficial because the person does not want to get pregnant right away. Yet eventually, they will get pregnant. Do you have any serious health problems as a result of it? As it requires therapy or could impair the health of your gametes. The eggs are frozen in a laboratory. It takes time for the expert to store them for you. Also, it defrosted and implanted into the womb during fertilization.


It is preferable to transfer frozen embryos. The best method of assisted reproduction assists with a variety of problems. For best outcomes, it has the highest percentages of fertility success. The pair can alter their IVF cycle through it. Because it offers the opportunity to repeat the procedure. Utilizing already fertilized embryos is involved. Because prior treatment may allow the top fertilized eggs to remain. As a result, it can prevent icing. Additionally, another procedure is an option. So, it raises the likelihood of conception. Your chances of getting pregnant are greater. Or, it might be useful if your procedure needs to pause at some point. The FET is advised by the specialist.


The top fertility hospitals in Nairobi have top procedures. And PGD is one of them. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is the advanced method. It performs within the IVF in Nairobi process. As the couple can confirm their genetic disorder presence. The expert performs the IVF cycle in Kenya. It examines the couple fertilized eggs. The expert performs before implanting the fertilized eggs into the female uterus. So, any genetic disorder transmission can control. Because, it can affect the couple’s pregnancy results. It has the top process in one of the best IVF centres in Kenya. 


Many fertility hospitals in Kenya offer surrogacy. As it is the topmost procedure. Your chances are higher in Kenya IVF. As we provide surrogacy for various infertility conditions. The process involves the best ART technique. And the surrogate mother helps in the process. As she conceives to deliver the couple’s baby. They have genetically related healthy babies in their hands. It is the best option for severe infertility conditions. As no other method has helped in pregnancy. The surrogate mother becomes pregnant. As the couple eggs and sperm fertilize. It functions under expert observation. And it also has legalities and paperwork. So, the surrogate mother will have no right or claim over the baby.

Do you have an Infertility Problem and want to discuss it with Kenya IVF?

Are you dealing with the cause of infertility for a long period? Then you can meet one of the top IVF centres in Nairobi. As we are ready to discuss your issues. Our fertility expert will examine you properly. And we will find out the exact cause that is stopping you from getting pregnant. Our fertility experts will offer you the best fertility treatment. It will help you in conceiving your baby. Kenya IVF fertility expert is the one who wishes to see every couple with a smiling face. It is the reason that they will offer suitable treatment to each individual.

You require one of the best IVF clinics in Nairobi Kenya. You can choose one of the best IVF centres in Kenya. As many female or male fertility clinics in Nairobi. They assist in various infertility conditions. So, the couple can achieve top pregnancy. And their infertility issues can assist.

Who we are?

We are one of the top and leading IVF hospitals in Kenya. As we bypass all the hurdles of infertile couples. As we serve them with various fertility treatments. These help them in conceiving their baby. Such as IVF, Surrogacy, egg donation, IUI, egg freezing, and much more under one roof. Kenya IVF is the one that will give you quality assurance. Because we offer you the best and will give you a successful outcome.

We understand that you already going through tough times. As you want to have your baby. And it is the reason that we kept the cheapest IVF cost in Kenya. And very reasonable for other fertility treatments. So that it will not burden you and your pocket. And people of every class can easily avail the benefits of fertility treatment. Because we are the one who wishes to see every couple on this planet enjoying their parenthood happily with their baby. And we value your time, money, and your emotions

We have a well-known fertility specialist in Kenya. And the IVF treatment cost in Kenya is much more suitable. Our patients can have top services. It includes various packages and assistance. So, your average cost of IVF in Kenya will be much lower. You can even have a comparison to other clinics. Because We have various services and assistance.

How Kenya IVF is Different from other IVF Clinics in Kenya?

Many IVF clinics in Kenya are available. But We are different in every way from other fertility clinics. The success of our clinic is shown in three different sections. These are as follows:
In first the section the results show that the women using her own eggs and fresh embryos to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure which is around 70 to 80%.
The second section shows that the women use her own eggs with frozen embryos and the success rate is around 60 to 70%.
The last section shows that women use donor eggs. And this section will show the results of fresh embryo transfer. It is around 75 to 85%. And frozen embryo transfers using donor eggs are around 65 to 75%.

Advanced Assistance During Infertility Treatment in Kenya


Focus on Every Patient

We offer each patient the best assistance and attention possible. You can get individualized help with the problems. As the appropriate care is given by our complete medical staff. Without regard to a person’s background, we provide treatments. As low-income couples may easily acquire it. Top outcomes are a result. Everyone provides first-rate support at the premier fertility centre in Kenya. We can also discover how mysterious your infertility experience has been so far. Thus, we do our best to offer a variety of relaxing therapies. As a result, you are no longer bothered by it.

Expert Doctors

We have numerous best fertility doctors in Kenya. Hence, you may control all of your conditions in one location. Your infertility problems may respond well to treatment. Each doctor and specialist needed is present at our best fertility centre in Kenya. They are highly qualified and experienced. Because they are well-educated and come from various nations. Also, they have performed fertility treatments for more than 25 to 30 years. You have the best possible chance of success with IVF treatment in Kenya. They are renowned for providing the most comfortable procedures and positive outcomes. You can have one of the top fertility doctors in Kenya.

24/7 Medical Support

The leading IVF centre in Kenya offers the best assistance. Because it’s simple to access the best consultation. Since our finest counsellors and medical staff are accessible around the clock. Since we aim to make your troubles easier. Also, you can get support for any problem. So, it no longer has an impact on your mental wellness. You can easily and without restriction tell us your tale. At every point, we are prepared to assist you. Whether it is the start of your treatment or the end outcome.

Advanced Steps/Techniques

The best fertility clinic in Kenya has an abundance of approaches. You have a fantastic opportunity. Any type of remedy for your problems is easily accessible. Because we can solve your difficulties in several ways. They are well-known and highly advanced. And every couple can choose the best treatment option for their infertility issue. As a result, you have a better probability of getting pregnant. For the best outcomes, all treatments have high success rates.

Complex methods

Every treatment requires cutting-edge technology. Pregnancy outcomes for the couple could thus be improved. We use cutting-edge tools and facilities. They are modern. As a result, the couple’s treatment could be successful. You might obtain the best procedures for the problems. And cutting-edge technology will be helpful. Since these will raise the success rates of your treatments. These are available in one of the best fertility centers in Kenya.

Some testimonials of our top patients:

IVF treatment in Kenya:

“I am so blessed to choose Kenya IVF. Our IVF process was much more comfortable. They have helped us on every stage. We haven’t faced any kind of problems. Me and my husband are much thankful for their help. I am so happy to experience pregnancy once in my life.”

Surrogacy in Kenya:

“Surrogacy option came to us like a miracle. I was so clueless and depressed with failure. I thought I will never going to be a mother. But with my husband help I somehow reached the Kenya IVF clinic. And their staff was so good with us. They have advised us surrogacy. And we got our healthy and happy twins. I am so lucky to share my experience with them.”

IVF with egg donor in Kenya:

“My previous years were the breakdown. We have faced over three IVF cycle failures. And decided not to opt for treatment. But our doctors suggest the donor eggs in IVF. And believe, it has given results in first cycle. Thanks to the donor and Kenya IVF. We have a healthy baby Girl.”

IVF with PGD in Kenya: 

“My husband has inherited disorder. And we knew it during the pregnancy process. The doctor tells PGD would be the right decision. We have done the same. Well honestly, I did not have any hope for the treatment. But, it was like a miracle. Our previous clinics were deciding upon the donor sperm. But my husband wants own baby. And PGD has worked 100%.” 

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