Surrogacy procedure in Kenya is hope for childless couples:

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Surrogacy in Kenya:

Kenya has more affordable treatments and processes for Infertility issues than in well-developed western countries. It has top technologies and hi-tech instruments that provide the best results in treatments. Many people from different nations have selected Kenya for their better processes at reasonable prices. Kenya has no laws or rules over the surrogacy process and is available for every infertile, single, and same-sex parent. You will find the best surrogacy agency in Kenya.

Surrogacy is the best process for becoming parents as it provides a healthy baby in the couple’s hands. People with severe infertility issues select surrogacy highly. The doctor recommends it in infertility conditions of females that do not allow conceiving or bearing the baby. It includes another healthy woman to conceive and deliver the baby for the couple. The eggs and sperm of partners fertilize outside and transfer into the surrogate uterus for conception.

The cost of surrogacy in Kenya is highly suitable than in developed countries. Numerous latest and top techniques help in the surrogacy process and provide better results. 

Surrogacy in Kenya has high rates providing results to infertile couples. You will opt for a healthy woman as the surrogate mother that will deliver the baby for you. A surrogate mother is a healthy woman in the surrogacy process. She conceives and delivers the baby of the prospective couple. 

You can select a surrogate mother according to your preference as her eye, hair, and skin colour. She should have a healthy weight and lifestyle to conceive as poor health will not provide a better outcome. Your expert will perform different screenings and medical checkups before finalizing any woman as the surrogate mother. It will confirm her diseases, health, abusive addiction, and reproductive organs.

There is no surrogacy law in Kenya, and it is available for every couple from a different nation, homosexual partners, and single-person intending to be a parent. It recommends highly to infertile couples that have no chance of becoming parents. The best centre in Kenya does not offer surrogacy to people avoiding the pain or process of pregnancy. The only Altruistic form is present, with no fees or remuneration paid to the surrogate mother aside from medical and needed needs.

What is the process of surrogacy in Kenya?

Surrogacy in Kenya has two types that assist in conceiving the baby through a surrogate mother. Its procedure includes surrogate mother conception to the delivery of the child. The intended parents will have all rights over the child, and the surrogate mother cannot change the decision. It will perform with a legal contract between the surrogate and prospective parents.

  1. Traditional:– It performs through IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) cycle that includes collecting the male sperm and directly inserting it into the surrogate uterus. The intended mother eggs will not use in the process and, thus the surrogate mother will share the genetic relation with the resulting child. It is a successful process in the intended mother eggs quality does not have quality.
  2. Gestational:– It includes the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) cycle for surrogate pregnancy. The process performs with the eggs and sperm of partners fertilizing outside the female body and implanting into the surrogate uterus. It recommends highly for the biological child of the couple. Surrogate mother eggs will not use in the process, and the resulting child will not relate to them.

Gestational is the top form of surrogate conception because it provides the biological child of the prospective parents. The following is the gestational surrogacy process in Kenya:-

  • Medical screening: Your fertility doctor will perform different checkups of the surrogate mother. It will determine her fertility health and ability to deliver the baby. The ultrasound, blood test, and other tests will include in the procedure.
  • Selecting surrogate and legal contract: You will select the woman based on eye, hair, skin colour, weight, health, and different criteria. You should check her medical and family background before selecting. She should maintain younger age without any problem.
  • Stimulation: In the IVF process, healthy eggs require for successful pregnancy results. It performs with the fertility medicines recommended through the expert. It encourages the ovaries and increases eggs production. The hormonal injection will release the eggs into the intended mother’s uterus.
  • Preparing surrogate uterus: With it, the surrogate mother’s uterus will prepare through fertility medicines. It will form the uterine lining to adapt the embryo for pregnancy.
  • Collecting eggs and sperm: The expert will retrieve the intended mother eggs through the uterus. It will accomplish with a catheter inserted inside the vagina and into the uterus. A sharp needle will aspirate the eggs, and your expert will gather them outside. A semen sample will collect through the prospective father. It will prepare through the expert and select healthy sperm for function.
  • Mixing and transfer:- The intended parents’ eggs and sperm will position together on a Petri plate. The healthy sperm will fertilize the mature eggs on the dish. It will divide into cells and start growing. Your fertilized eggs will form into embryos that have stages for implantation. After four to five days, healthy embryos get a chance to implant into the surrogate uterus.
  • Results and aftercare:- After the process, the expert will do a blood test between two weeks. Its positive result will confirm the surrogate pregnancy. Your doctor will recommend routine visits that will include checkups.
  • Baby:- If the surrogate mother has a good pregnancy, you will have your baby in your arms after nine months.

How much does surrogacy affect a person’s pocket in Kenya?

The cost of surrogacy in Kenya is more reasonable than in well-developed countries. They have the best procedures with cutting-edge technologies. Many centres and clinics are present that perform the process with financial help.

The Surrogacy Cost in Kenya approximately starts from USD 35,000 to USD 40,000. In the countries like the U.K or the U.S.A, surrogacy has a high cost of USD 60,000. Numerous top nations do not allow patients from different countries.

The Surrogacy price in Kenya can affect through several factors. The type from your surrogate mother will conceive, different approaches you require, checkups, treatment destination, surrogate health, etc.

Which centre is the best for reasonable surrogacy?

The KENYA IVF is the best surrogacy centre in Kenya. Many people have to take their babies home with a memorizing smile through the centre. They have affordable surrogacy cost in Kenya with packages and instalment facilities. They have the best fertility doctor and experts with high experience and skills. They provide several treatments with top procedures and methods.

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