Best Surrogacy Centres in Nairobi

Surrogacy is the top process. As it provides a healthy baby in the hands. So, you can choose one of the best surrogacy centres in Nairobi. They will help with your top method. Also, they help provide the best result. Many surrogacy clinics in Nairobi are present. And you can select the top one.

Extreme infertility causes many issues. Though, several methods are present. But in severe problems, these do not provide results. And the last option left is surrogacy. It is the best decision. Because no other method is like surrogacy. It has a high result than any other process. The method provides a healthy child in the couple’s hands.

Surrogacy has the top method. Because the surrogate mother conceives the baby. As the female partner has severe conditions. It helps them become parents. Also, the healthy woman bears to deliver the baby. So, the couple does not face any problems. And their baby has genetic relation with the couple. Because the best ART method helps. Moreover, surrogacy in Kenya has high success rates.

You can choose the top surrogacy centres in Nairobi. As they help patients at every stage. Your process will start with the surrogate mother Kenya Nairobi. They will help you with the method. Also, you can choose a surrogate from the centre. The couple has to confirm the surrogacy law in Kenya. Because every country has its rules and laws. 

Why KENYA IVF for Surrogacy in Nairobi?

KENYA IVF is the famous surrogacy clinic in Nairobi. You can choose various methods. Because we have top processes. It helps couples become parents. Our patients get full facilities and benefits. Our services are maximum. As these provide the utmost comfort to every couple. Moreover, we focus on patient satisfaction. Why choose us:

surrogacy clinics in nairobi

surrogacy clinics in nairobi

  • Various fertility treatments
  • Top-notch technologies
  • Experienced fertility doctors
  • A high percentage of surrogacy in Nairobi
  • Top 10 best surrogacy centres in Nairobi 
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What to Look for in Your Surrogacy Centres in Nairobi?

Your best surrogacy centres in Nairobi will help. Because they have top procedures. It helps in better methods and results. You can choose the best one. They have advanced methods. Also, their services provide top comfort. Because high satisfaction and comfort are vital. Surrogacy takes more time. And it is a rollercoaster journey. Thus, you need to choose the best place. They will help your results. Since they will guide you on every step. Moreover, their experienced staff provides top methods.

You can choose the best surrogacy centres in Nairobi, as:


The Best surrogacy centres in Nairobi help at every stage. You can look at their facilities. As surrogate mothers in Kenya. They provide the surrogate mother. Because their top surrogate database. Also, they check them thoroughly. Then, they suggest to the couple. Also, they provide families looking for surrogate mothers. It helps them without causing any problems. With it, the centre provides different methods. So, patients can have top treatment in one place.


You can check the Best surrogacy centres in Nairobi location. As you can easily excess or not. With it, their infrastructure should be the best. As top buildings provide top processes. Because, their surgical rooms have well-built. It provides high comfort. Since, they have world-class facilities. Their top waiting area. As sufficient with top services.


Your best surrogacy centres in Nairobi have different prices. Surrogacy is expensive. As many couples cannot afford. But the surrogacy cost in Kenya is much fair. Still, the cost of surrogacy in Kenya is not the same. Because it depends on various factors. As it has the surrogate mother cost in Kenya. The compensation has high charges. Thus, your centre can provide benefits. These services help in suitable price. So, they have packages, loans, or instalments. As the facilities help in the price. 


The best surrogacy centres in Nairobi have top doctors. They have experts and specialists. So, patients can choose the best expert. They assist their conditions with the best methods. Also, they have high experience. It helps in better treatment with comfort. Their top qualification also helps. As they provide high satisfaction. Moreover, they have polite behaviour that supports them. They will always encourage their patients. It helps with psychological status. Besides, you can check their medical staff. Because the well-trained staff is the best. They provide patients-centric methods.


Your best surrogacy centre in Nairobi has top success. Because the fertility treatments’ success is different. Surrogacy has high success rates. You can check it before picking. Also, the best centre facilities help with it. Their advanced technologies provide top assistance. Also, the high success rate helps in top results. With it, your treatment success rate is not the same. Because it depends on various factors. As the surrogate mother’s health. More, the couple gametes status. These aspects can cause problems.

Why Choose Surrogacy in Nairobi?

Surrogacy is the top ART method. Because no other process is like surrogacy. As it provides a successful result. Your baby is in your hands. And the couple faces fewer issues throughout the method. Since, the healthy surrogate helps the couple. Also, surrogacy in Kenya has helped many couples. Its process has top stages. You can have treatment for infertility problems. Because the process can change and other advanced methods can include.

It needs a healthy surrogate mother Kenya Nairobi. She will conceive your baby for you. As IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) helps. It involves egg and sperm fertilization. The expert performs with observation. Also, they use top-notch technologies. It can have methods for different issues. And provides top pregnancy outcomes. The fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate womb. Because the intended mother cannot conceive. So the surrogate will become pregnant. With it, the intended parents have to provide care for her. And after nine months, the surrogate delivers the baby.

Surrogacy in Kenya has no regulations. Because, it has no laws that control any person. Thus, any couple or person can select the process. Also, the Best surrogacy centre in Nairobi is the top pick. Because, the surrogacy cost in Kenya is highly affordable. It is much fairer than in many developed nations. And many couples in these countries cannot have it. Thus, they cannot become parents of their genetic baby. But, surrogacy in Nairobi provides the best option.

Surrogacy with self eggs
Surrogacy with donor eggs
IVF with self eggs
IVF with donor eggs
IVF with donor sperm
Donor embryo

Surrogacy Success Rates in Nairobi:

The couple’s chances are as per their issues. Your top method for infertility will help. As your expert will suggest it. Before it, they will check your issues. Thus, surrogacy in Nairobi becomes successful. Many top approaches can add to your surrogacy.

Surrogacy and processes 

Success rates %

Surrogacy with self eggs

75% to 80%

Surrogacy with donor eggs

82% to 85%

IVF with self eggs

55% to 65%

IVF with donor eggs

68% to 78%

IVF with donor sperm

66% to 72%


56% to 64%


54% to 62%

Donor embryo

67% to 74%


60% to 72%


58% to 63% 

Why Do You Need Surrogacy in Nairobi?

Surrogacy is successful in many issues. Also, many best surrogacy centres in Nairobi are open. They have top methods and help. Besides, they help couples at every stage. With it, surrogacy is the last but not least decision. Because no other method is like surrogacy. As another woman conceives for the couple. It helps with many severe infertility issues. And couple can have their top results.

The Following Conditions Need Surrogacy in Kenya:
  • You have facing pregnancy failures for several years. As you have tried some ARTs methods also. But cannot conceive the baby.
  • The female partner with extreme uterus issues. Because a healthy uterus is vital. And any issue can cause a problem with the pregnancy.
  • You are a same-sex male couple. And you want to become a parent. So, surrogacy is the best option. As you can have the donor eggs in the method.
  • Any single person is willing to become a parent. So, you can choose surrogacy. Because it helps in having your baby.
  • The female partner has health problems. As cannot hold the pregnancy or childbirth. So, surrogacy is top. As another woman will carry to deliver your baby.

Who Is the Surrogate Mother?

The surrogate mother is a healthy woman. You can choose the best surrogate mother. As she will help you with surrogacy. She conceives the couple’s baby to deliver. Before selecting, the couple has to check the surrogate health. It requires different tests. As the expert will perform them. These help in knowing the surrogate mother’s conditions.

You can select the surrogate mother from two options. As the agencies are available. They have a top surrogate database. You can choose the best surrogate mother. She will help you have the best method. As she conceived the baby with the IVF method. As your gametes will fertilize and implant inside the surrogate uterus. She has no right over the resulting child.

Moreover, surrogacy in Nairobi involves a contract. The legal agreement sign between the couple and the surrogate. It explains their rights and regulation over the child. Also, parental rights will have in it. Without it, the surrogate mother is incomplete. It can cause a problem for the couple. Because after childbirth, the surrogate can make issues. So, it is better to form. And the experienced surrogacy lawyer makes it. So, the best surrogacy centres in Nairobi are present. They provide top surrogate mother match.

How does surrogacy perform in Nairobi?

The best surrogacy centres in Nairobi provide the top method. They perform advanced procedures. Also, the couple can have top outcomes. With it, they assist at every stage. So, you can have the best method. Surrogacy takes much more time than any other method. Because it provides the baby in the hands. First, the surrogate mother becomes pregnant. As the couple eggs and sperm fertilize. Then the child’s birth takes nine months. And the surrogate delivers the baby.

Besides, the top surrogacy clinics in Kenya help patients. They have various treatments at a place. Also, they provide high care. Because surrogacy is a complex method. And having the best outcome takes time.

The Following Are the Steps for Surrogacy in Kenya:
Choosing a surrogate: 

Your process will start with selecting the surrogate. She is a healthy woman willing to help the couple. You can choose the best match from any agency. Or you can find a surrogate yourself. Also, the surrogate agency in Kenya is the best. Because you can have the top surrogate mother match. More, they will provide you with high comfort and care.

Legal agreement: 

Your process needs a contract for top results. Because it will help in resulting child adoption. As the surrogate mother cannot claim any right over the baby. It will form by the family layer. They will mention the rights in the contract. And it will help in continuing the process.


Before the procedure, it’s critical to be aware of your problems. The specialist thus conducts many examinations. It confirms that you have test-taking issues. Both a blood test and an ultrasound are done. Because they validate the hormonal condition. and examinations of your reproductive organs. The optimal strategy can then be suggested by your expert. Also, the surrogate mother’s health will confirm before starting.

Counselling session: 

Counselling is necessary for your process. Because it reduces stress for the couple and surrogate. Surrogacy and infertility have been a rocky ride. And many experiences both successes and failures. It is crucial to get the greatest counsellor. They relieve the couple’s anxieties and help them unwind. Your counsellor will manage the surrogate stress level.


Ovaries function in the female partner will raise. As the specialist recommends a few reproductive medications. These contribute to higher egg production. Therefore, when the ovaries mature, they will produce more eggs. Blood tests and ultrasounds will be used to observe. Your physician will also administer the hormonal injection. Your ovaries can release the eggs into the uterus as a result.


You need healthy sperm and eggs for your procedure. Therefore, we’ll retrieve the eggs first. They’ll observe and gather using a device. A catheter will be inserted into the uterus through the vagina. It aids in finding the best eggs. Sedatives are also included in the phase for better technique. The eggs will then be removed from follicles using a needle. The expert will also gather the eggs. You will obtain healthy sperm from a male companion. It gets ready to have the best sperm.


Insemination of suitable gametes by your specialist. As they combine your sperm and eggs in a Petri dish. Your gametes can therefore fertilize. The movable sperm will penetrate the cytoplasm of the egg. It will ovulate, creating the embryo. Or your expert might utilize a different approach.


Your top fertilized eggs will choose by a professional. They keep an eye on the growth for a few days. And the chosen one will move. With the catheter, it will operate. Since the embryo will place on the tool. Then, it will insert into the surrogate womb. Additionally, it will cling to the uterine lining and begin to grow there.

Result and care:

A blood test will conduct last. The results are known two weeks following the test. As, the surrogate mother’s blood sample will confirm. So, the positive result will follow normal pregnancy. You will have to provide top care. As it will promote better pregnancy. The intended parents will offer a better diet. Also, you can fulfil various accommodations during the pregnancy.


Your surrogate will deliver the baby after nine months. It can happen in two forms. As the normal vaginal. Or the surrogate condition can need C-type. Cesarean delivery has invasive stages.  

Which Are the Top Surrogacy Centres in Nairobi?

Note: the clinic’s list does not display any centre ranking.  

  • Ranking: 4.9/5
  • Surrogacy cost in Nairobi: USD 34,000 to USD 39,000
  • IVF cost: USD 3,200 to USD 5,606
  • Fertility success rates: 64% to 82%
  • Website:
  • Call on: +919560712022

They are one of the best surrogacy centres in Nairobi. As, they provide top treatment with high care. So, patients can have a method with high comfort. The entire medical staff provides top support. As a patient get the best process. Moreover, their surrogacy cost in Kenya is fair. Because of their assistance. Our International patients get VIP services. As we support them from the start. Besides, our patients get top services. These help in the best methods and results. Also, our surrogacy has high success rates. You can have donor help. And the surrogate mother facility is available. 

  • Ranking: 3.4/5
  • IVF cost: USD 3,500 to USD 5,000
  • Surrogacy cost in Nairobi: USD 36,000 to USD 40,000
  • Fertility success rates: 50% to 65%
  • Website:
  • Call on: +919560712022

You can choose the clinic. As they have various treatments and services. Their fertility methods perform with advanced technologies. Also, their counselling and donor programs are top. These help patients in better processes. Besides, their surrogacy program is the best. As many patients choose them. So they can have a healthy child. Their fertility doctors are well-known. Since, they have high experience and education. You can have the best surrogacy in Nairobi. 

  • Ranking: 5/5
  • Surrogacy cost in Nairobi: USD 38,000 to USD 40,000
  • IVF cost: USD 3,200 to USD 5,000 
  • Fertility success rates: 70% to 80%
  • Website:
  • Call on: +919560712022

It is the best surrogacy centres in Nairobi. They have high success rates in surrogacy. Many couples have their baby with the top method. You can have advanced facilities. Also, high-quality treatments for various issues. Patients have high comfort and care during processes. More, they have donor gametes help. Couples can have the best surrogate. Because they have extensive databases. You can have top doctors. They also have various diagnoses. With it, their doctors have high experience. They have top experts and specialists. You have a high chance of having the baby. As the centre has high success rates. 

  • Ranking: 4.5/5
  • Surrogacy cost in Nairobi: USD 35,000 to USD 40,000
  • IVF cost: USD 3,300 to USD 5,000
  • Fertility success rates: 61% to 65%
  • Website:
  • Call on: +919560712022

It is the best surrogacy agency in Kenya. You can choose the best top method. They have advanced procedures. As these help in better care and top comfort. Your pregnancy chances are higher. Moreover, their rooms and labs are highly developed. These help in the best processes and comfort. Also, you can have highly experienced doctors. They have helped many patients. As they are now successful parents. 

  • Ranking: 4.4/5
  • Surrogacy cost in Nairobi: USD 36,000 to USD 40,000
  • IVF cost: USD 3,400 to USD 5,100
  • Fertility success rates: 53% to 67%
  • Website:
  • Call us: +919560712022

You can choose one of the Best surrogacy centres in Nairobi. The best centre has many cutting-edge methods. Also, their top care provides high satisfaction. They have top experience in various treatments. Moreover, you can choose advanced technologies. These help in achieving better outcomes. You can become a parent with the best method. 


They are the best surrogacy centres in Nairobi. You can choose the best method. Because they have top treatments. Also, their success rates are top. These help couples in their method. You can have the surrogate mother facility. Because their VIP help provides top surrogates. Moreover, they are well-known surrogacy clinics in Kenya. As many patients have selected them. And now parents of their healthy children. Besides, you can have prices help. Since, they have top assistances. They focus on every patient care. Thus, their treatment price is fair. Further, their fertility doctors have top qualifications. It helps to have the best process. 


It is the best surrogacy centres in Nairobi. Because they focus on every couple’s care. Thus, they have suitable treatments. For surrogacy, they have top packages and other helps. It provides the fair surrogacy cost in Kenya. Also, they provide surrogate mothers at a reasonable cost. So, patients can have the best method. They have helped many couples and patients. More, their surrogacy program function with famous fertility doctors. You can choose the top surrogacy expert in the clinic. They have high experience. Also, the centre building and rooms have world-class services. You can have the process with top comfort. 


It is one of the best surrogacy centres in Nairobi. You can choose the top process. They are well-known for primary care. And their top fertility experts have high experience. For fertility, they have advanced methods. You can have many procedures. Because they have the best medical staff. Their fertility success rates are higher. Also, they have well-trained staff with expertise. 

  • Ranking: 5/5
  • Surrogacy cost: USD 37,000 to USD 39,000
  • IVF cost: USD 3,300 to USD 4,900   ›  
  • Fertility success rates: 55% to 65%
  • Website:
  • Call on: +919560712022

You can choose the top surrogacy clinics in Nairobi. Because they have famous fertility doctors. Their fertility experts have high experience. Also, they support top treatment outcomes. With it, the centres support every patient. As they have top qualifications and expertise. You can select them for top comfort. Because they perform advanced methods in one place. You can donor help and surrogate availability. Their medical staff focuses on every patient’s top care. It helps in having a better process. 

  • Ranking: 2.7/5
  • Surrogacy cost: USD 36,000 to USD 40,000
  • IVF cost: USD 3,000 to USD 5,000
  • Fertility success rates: 50% to 60%
  • Website:
  • Call on: +919560712022

They have many fertility treatments. Also, they use world-class facilities. These perform with advanced technologies. Further, their surrogacy success rates are higher. It provides top results. And many couples have selected them. Also, they have top-known fertility experts. Because they have high qualifications. And they focus on better treatment. 

How KENYA IVF is the best in Nairobi? 

The best surrogacy centre in Nairobi has top facilities. So our patients do not face any problems. Thus, you can select us. We will help you at every stage. Also, many couples have conceived their child. Moreover, these help in top pregnancy. Our facilities:



  • Top medical staff for every step help
  • Advanced infrastructure and rooms
  • Highly latest procedures
  • World-class techniques and technologies
  • Suitable surrogacy cost in Nairobi
  • Donor and freezing facility
  • Consult us: +91 9560712022
  • Or Email:
Frequently Asked Questions on the best surrogacy centres in Nairobi:

What happens in no sperm count in IVF?

The IVF treatment has the best solution for the no or poor sperm issue. Because various advanced approaches can include in the IVF treatment. So, you can have different assistance in IVF treatment for achieving a better process. As the male partner no sperm condition can treat with top methods. The expert recommends SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval). As, it helps in azoospermia (no count) or poor sperm health. The process involves collecting the male partner’s sperm from the reproductive tract. As they use TESA/MESA etc. With it, your IVF treatment can perform with the donor sperm. It has a high chance of providing successful pregnancy outcomes. 

How does an inherited disorder issue assist in IVF?

The genetic or inherited disorder causes several problems in the child’s health or the successful pregnancy. Because, it is the major issue for several miscarriages. The conception changes affect the condition. So, your expert can recommend the PGD or PGS (Preimplantation genetic diagnoses or screening). It helps in achieving better outcomes as the couple fertilized eggs can examine before implanting. The expert performs as the gametes fertilize and the cells biopsy in the lab performs. It helps in discarding the embryos with the disorder’s presence. And healthy fertilized eggs without the disorder can choose for implantation. 

What can affect my IVF cost?

The IVF charges are not the same for every person. Because it depends on the couple’s health and fertility conditions. For a successful result, you need top gametes quality that helps in a better outcome. And your IVF charges will not impact. Because poor egg or sperm health can affect successful pregnancy chances. Also, the female partner’s age is one of the top factors in increasing the IVF cost. Because the advanced age causes problems in fertilized egg implantation and pregnancy result. Moreover, your IVF centre, expert, treatment processes, etc will cause problems in the charges. 

How can I choose for the eggs or sperm freezing?

Any person or couple can choose the gametes freezing facility. As during their IVF treatment or without any process. Because it provides an option to save their healthy gametes at a young age. And they can use them in future pregnancies for conceiving healthy babies. You can choose the eggs or sperm freezing in any fertility or IVF centre. They have a facility that provides a program for cryopreservation. It can store your healthy eggs, sperm, or fertilized eggs. And the storage period also depends on you from six months to ten years. Similarly, the IVF treatment can include a couple gametes or embryo storing by freezing. 

What will happen if my IVF cycle becomes a failure?

Do not worry! Because IVF is the topmost procedure in various issues. The couple facing IVF failure still has the chance to achieve top outcomes. As the IVF cycle can perform again after one or two failures. It provides the best chances to conceive a healthy baby. You can have the best treatment as per your conditions. And in another IVF cycle, the expert recommends different advanced approaches. As, your IVF can perform with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), donor eggs, sperm, PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnoses), etc. These help in achieving top treatment outcomes.

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