Affordable Cost of Surrogacy in Kenya

The Surrogacy Cost in Kenya depends on the procedure you use for your surrogacy treatment. The cost of surrogacy is depending on the country you are residing and on the medical care, you get. There are two types of surrogacy procedures (i) Traditional surrogacy and (ii) Gestational Surrogacy and the costs for both the procedures are different.

Who are Traditional Surrogates?

The traditional surrogates are the women who are biologically related to the newborn as her eggs are used for the surrogacy procedure. So if the couples are going with the traditional surrogacy the fertility experts properly examine the surrogate mother for the infectious disease such as AIDS and Hepatitis because she is directly related to newborn and any of the diseases she is suffering will automatically transfer to the newborn which can lead a death to newborn or surrogate. Before the surrogacy procedure begins both the parties need to sign a legal contract which states that the surrogate will hand over the baby after birth to his/her intended parents without any issue and they are paid for their services.

Surrogacy Cost in Kenya using traditional method

The average Surrogacy Cost in Kenya for traditional surrogates range between from USD $30,000 to USD $35,000 which includes the cost of the IVF cycle, legal fees, expenses of the surrogate mother such as clothing, food, accommodation etc. Most of the surrogates prefer to stay at their home because this process require lot of mental and emotional support and also the surrogate needs to be happy throughout the procedure to deliver the healthy baby, however, if the surrogate do not want to stay at her home we have surrogates home available and the representative will regularly keep a check on them if they require something during the entire procedure.

Who are Gestational Surrogates?

The gestational surrogates are the women who use the eggs and sperm of the intended parents or the egg or sperm donor and the developed embryo is implanted in her womb to carry the pregnancy to the intended mother cannot carry the pregnancy due to some medical illness and her fertility expert advise her to go for the surrogacy procedure. In this procedure, the gestational surrogates are not the biological mother of the newborn as her egg as are not used for the IVF cycle. This is the simple and safe procedure and most of the couples prefer the gestational procedure than traditional surrogacy. This is the procedure which allows the intended parents to have their own genetic baby.

Surrogacy Cost in Kenya using gestational method

The average Surrogacy Cost in Kenya for gestational surrogacy range between from USD 35,000 to USD 40,000 which includes the cost of the IVF cycle, legal fees, expenses of the surrogate mother such as clothing, food, accommodation etc.
The cost of both the procedures traditional and gestational are comparatively very less when it compared with the cost of the other well-developed countries like the US and the UK where the cost of surrogacy procedure begins from USD 60,000 without including any other expenses.

Success Rate of both the procedures

The success rate of taking the home baby by using traditional surrogacy is around 55 to 65% whereas by using the gestational method it is around 70-80% which is quite high as compared with the success rate of other developed countries.