Best IVF Doctors in Kenya with High Success Rates 2023?

You need the Best IVF doctors in Kenya. Because they will have the best results. Since they have a vast internship. They deliver care with intense ease. The couple may also get the best results. They have high credentials and facts. As a result, many couples have had children.

The signs of infertility are severe. Because of this, many happy couples’ lives may impact. And they cannot become pregnant. Families and social impacts also its parts. Thus, options have assisted reproduction technologies. It aids them in getting pregnant. Because it has top viable treatments. This advice is fair to the problems. Various cutting-edge technologies are also helpful. And the gametes from the pair fertilize the outside.

You can pick one of the best fertility doctors in Kenya. They offer superb care. They also have a lot of mastery and expertise. Their rates are also very cheap. Since then, patients in developed nations have spent excessive prices. It affects their prices. Due to their incapability to pay for the treatment. So, picking the proper place can be helpful.

Why us?

KENYA IVF is the famous IVF centre in Kenya. You can choose various methods. Because we have top processes. It helps couples become parents. Our patients get full facilities and benefits. Our services are maximum. As these provide the utmost comfort to every couple. Moreover, we focus on patient satisfaction.

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fertility specialist in kenya

fertility specialist in Kenya

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How to Choose the Top IVF Doctors in Kenya?

fertility clinics in kenya

fertility clinics in kenya

The best IVF doctors in Kenya have a worth of experience. Check before making a decision. Each fertility specialist in Kenya has their expertise. You can compare their offerings and knowledge. Length of time spent working in the field. They also perform many processes. You can thus review their past courses. More, their success rates. The best doctor will be open thanks to it. Also, the best experts are those that have a lot of experience. They have high skills in using the best practices. They will offer the best delight with it. And the joy will endure both during and after the method.

Qualification: You can search for the credentials of the Best IVF doctors in Kenya. The best doctors are those with advanced degrees. They can offer first-rate care. They might also carry out a variety of operations. It is free in one location. Every specialist has the best education and fellowships. The best doctor is the one with the best degrees. You can use it to hunt for their colleges and institutes.

Hospitals: The fertility clinics in Kenya have your fertility specialist on staff. They perform treatments there. You can thus visit their clinic. Because it is also vital to have the best hospital. Also, they have cutting-edge technology. The entire medical staff has top-notch expertise thanks to it. They aid in providing the greatest care. More, you will please with the procedure. Besides, the doctor uses many methods. You have a choice of the professional providing the best care.

The Best IVF doctors in Kenya put a strong focus on patient care. On patient pleasure, they centralize. You can learn about their methods. Based on how they treated you. It enables better methods. You can use the ideal procedure. They give the process their whole alert. Besides, your top comfort is a priority. Because there are ups and downs with IVF. Further, they always support you during treatment.

Why Choose the Best IVF Doctors in Kenya?

Many cutting-edge ARTs are available. These support partners in having a child. So that you can select the best method. It uses the best technique when performing. The best technology also supports the method. You can have a successful pregnancy. Because the Best IVF doctors in Kenya doctors perform. They support many concerns.

the best IVF doctors in Kenya:

IVF is also a very good treatment for many infertility issues. Thus the process of reproduction involves. Performs is the top best IVF doctor in Kenya. It works outside of the uterus of the female. Then inserts itself inside a woman’s uterus. It delivers superior pregnancy outcomes. Further, your method may alter. Because IVF can use top techniques. This raises the likelihood and result. And you can get pregnant.

IVF begins with the advanced stages. As the specialist examines your problems. It runs some tests. The leading IVF specialists in Kenya then advise the method. Thus, receiving top care is beneficial. Moore, IVF medicines can use. It enhances the female ovaries’ capacity to produce eggs. Healthy eggs can use in your method. It helps the male sperm get ready to be of higher quality. These stages increase the successful results chances.

Which Place Has the Best IVF Doctors in Kenya?

Several fertility clinics in Kenya are present. They have the best techniques and procedures. It helps couples with their infertility issues. So, you can check their different details. As it helps in choosing the best one. It starts with the best IVF doctors in Kenya. Because top fertility specialist in Kenya is vital. They help in having the top method. 

KENYA IVF AND FERTILITY RESEARCH CENTRE is the best place. Because we are one of the top fertility clinics in Kenya. Our patients have top methods. As they get assistance from the treatment start. Moreover, we have the best IVF doctors in Kenya. Their team has top specialists and experts. Also, they have top experiences and qualifications. 

We care for our patients. Thus, we have highly satisfactory treatments. These also provide top comfort. With it, you can have many methods in one place. And the process charges are fair. Because we have top assistances. It includes packages and other helps. So our patients can afford their treatments. 

IVF success rates:

Our IVF success rate in Kenya is much higher. It helps in the best outcome. So, you can have the top process. Because we have top procedures for many infertility conditions. Your chances are higher in becoming pregnant. As patients can have their advanced methods. With it, we have top-notch technologies. These help in better treatment and results.

fertility clinics in kenya

  • Uterine health and issues
  • Lifestyle or any addiction
  • Eggs and sperm fitness
  • The couple age
  • Other conditions
  • Inherited disorder

When do the best IVF doctors in Kenya suggest IVF? 

IVF tells for various infertility problems. Since its procedure is the best. Many suave methods are possible. You can also carry a child. More, it performs by one of the Best IVF doctors in Kenya. There are many therapies known for infertility problems. To find out, your specialist will run tests. They will then begin your treatment.

The Best IVF Doctors in Kenya Will Tell IVF for the Following States:

  • Are you known to have an inherited disorder? It has a high possibility of spreading. Or a miscarriage will result.
  • Your problem is with bad eggs. Thinking that the female spouse cannot create viable eggs. Advanced age may play a role. Or you may be facing early ovarian failure. It interrupts egg production and fitness.
  • The infertile male companion. As cannot deliver sound sperm. Its size, shape, and count are abnormal.
  • You dealt with the prior loss. The pair uses IUI, often known as ovulation induction. The best procedure for minor issues is IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). Yet, in serious issues, it can fail and cause issues.
  • You are an older person. The couple’s chances of becoming pregnant are poor after the age of thirty. Since the health of the sperm and eggs declines.
  • The unconfirmed infertile couple. As you have been attempting for a while. But fails to conceive the child. You have experienced a few miscarriages as well.
  • The female partner’s uterus has abnormal growth. As polyps or fibroids. Having them during pregnancy is tricky. Since the fertilized eggs will not grow inside the uterus.

IVF Success Rates in Kenya: 

IVF with self eggs
IVF with donor eggs
IVF with donor sperm
Donor embryo

The couple’s chances are as per their issues. Your top method for infertility will help. As your expert will suggest it. Before it, they will check your issues. Thus, IVF treatment in Kenya becomes successful. Many top approaches can add to IVF in Kenya:

IVF and processes 

Success rates %

IVF with self eggs

55% to 65%

IVF with donor eggs

68% to 78%

IVF with donor sperm

66% to 72%


56% to 64%


54% to 62%

Donor embryo

67% to 74%


60% to 72%


58% to 63% 

What Is the IVF Procedure in Kenya?

IVF specialist in Nairobi

Why Choose IVF Doctors in Kenya?

IVF treatment has advanced stages. It provides a successful pregnancy result. Also, the baby has genetic relation with the parents. Since the process is the couple’s eggs and sperm mixing. It has a reproduction process. And the method performs outside the reproductive system. Because the expert monitors the method. So, you can have the method.
Your process can involve different methods. It will advise the doctor about your issues. As every couple has health and infertility problems. So, IVF stages can change as per need. It increases the pregnancy result. For instance, you can have donor health. Since any partner cannot produce healthy eggs or sperm. It will provide the top result. With it, many surgical methods can also perform. It will suggest by your expert.

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    The Following Is the IVF Process in Kenya:

    1. Examine: Before the process, it is important to know your issues. Thus, the expert performs different checkups. It confirms your problems with tests. They perform a blood test and ultrasound. As these confirm the hormonal status. And your reproductive organs’ health checks. Then, your expert can advise the best method.
    2. Counselors’ session: your IVF needs counseling. Because it helps the couple’s stress level. Since infertility and IVF a rollercoaster journey. And many face failures and achievements. So, the best counselor is vital. They help with the couple’s worries and relax them.
    3. Medication: The female ovaries will promote. As the expert prescribes some fertility medicines. These help in increasing egg production. So, the ovaries will produce more eggs with maturity. It will observe with the ultrasound and blood test. And your doctor will use the hormonal injection. So, your ovaries can free the eggs into the uterus.
    4. Collecting: Your process needs viable eggs and sperm. So, the eggs will retrieve first. As they will collect with a device and observation. A catheter will insert through the vagina into the uterus. It helps in locating the top eggs. The step also has sedatives for a better method. Then, a needle will gather the eggs from follicles. And the expert will collect the eggs. Your healthy semen (from a male partner) will collect. It prepares to have top sperm.
    5. Fertilization: Your expert will inseminate the fit gametes. As they mix your eggs and sperm on a Petri plate. So, your gametes can fertilize. The motile sperm will enter the egg’s cytoplasm. It will fertilize and form the embryo. Or another method can use by your expert.
    6. Implantation: the fertilized eggs will transfer inside the female uterus. Your top fertilized eggs will select by the expert. As they monitor the growth for some days. And the selected one will transfer. It will perform with the catheter. Since the embryo will place on the tool and insert. And it will stick into the uterine lining and start growing. In the last, a blood test will perform. It happens after two weeks to know the result.

    The Best IVF Doctors in Kenya:

    Note: The mentioned doctors list does not follow any ranking. 

    • Dr. Martha Kuruga Mwithiga
    • Dr. David Mwithiga Thuo
    •  Dr. Ferdinand Muroki
    • Dr. Nathan Murugu
    • Dr. Flavia Ogutu
    •  Dr. Victor K Wanjohi
    • Dr. Joshua Noreh
    •  Dr. Kays Muruka
    •  Dr. Josephat Wangwe
    Dr. Martha Kuruga Mwithiga (Best IVF doctor in Kenya) 

    Dr. Martha Kuruga Mwithiga

    Dr. Martha Kuruga Mwithiga

    Credentials: MBChB, MMed (OBS/GYN), FECSACOG, FMAS, DMAS, 

    Fertility Expert, Laparoscopic Surgeon

    Experiential background: over 16 years

    The well-known fertility specialist is Dr Mwithiga. She is one of the best fertility doctors in Kenya. Since you may choose the best hospital for her, Her credentials are also the best. They come from prestigious institutes and hospitals. Also, she has vast expertise in using the best technique. Your procedure will be comfy and satisfying. The doctor is well-known for it.


    • gynecological procedures
    • fertility treatments
    • Surgical methods
    • IUI treatment
    • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) 
    • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) 
    • Surrogacy
    • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
    • Ovulation Induction
    Dr. Ferdinand Muroki


    Dr. Ferdinand Muroki

    Qualifications: MBchB(Nairobi)M.Med(ObsGyn)(Nbi) Specialist Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

    Experiences: Over 16 years

    You can choose the best fertility doctor in Nairobi. Dr. Muroki has top qualifications. As he has completed from top colleges. More, you can have top treatment. Because he has expertise in many methods. So, your chances are higher. Also, previous patients have gotten their top method. The treatments they perform with advanced technologies. It helps in the best IVF process and result. 


    1. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
    2. In Vitro Insemination (IVF)
    3. Surrogacy
    4. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
    5. Assisted Hatching
    6. Blastocyst Culture
    7. Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
    8. Sperm Analysis
    9. Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) all methods 
    Dr. Flavia Ogutu

    Best IVF Doctors in Kenya

    Dr. Flavia Ogutu

    Qualifications: MBChB(UoN), MMED(Obs & Gyna), Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

    Experiences: more than 15 years

    Dr. Ogutu is one of the best IVF doctors in Kenya. She is a famous professional in Nairobi. As many patients have selected her. Also, she provides top methods. Because these focus on every patient. And your treatment will have high care. With it, she focuses on patient satisfaction. She supports every couple and encourages them. As it helps in top processes and results.


    1. Female infertility treatments
    2. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
    3. In Vitro Insemination (IVF)
    4. Surrogacy
    5. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
    6. Assisted Hatching
    7. Blastocyst Culture
    8. Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
    9. Sperm Analysis
    10. Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) all methods
    Dr. Kays Muruka

    Best IVF Doctors in Kenya

    Dr. Kays Muruka

    Qualifications: MBChB (Moi), MMed (Obs & Gynae)

    Experiences: over 14 years

    Dr. Muruka is the top consultant in Kenya. As he has Obstetrician & Gynaecologist studies. More, he helps with many infertility issues. As the female cannot conceive. So, you can choose him for the best method. Many procedures are available. These perform for top results. And the couple can become pregnant. With it, the doctor’s education is utmost.


    Dr. Nathan Murugu

    Best IVF Doctors in Kenya

    Dr. Nathan Murugu

    Education: MBChB, M.Med (Obs & Gynae)

    Experiences: over 16 years 

    Dr. Murugu hasSpecialization in Laparoscopic Surgery and Infertility. He has performed many procedures. As the couple can conceive their baby. Also, he has top qualifications in treating female infertility issues. 


    1. Female infertility methods
    2. Surgical procedures
    3. IUI (Intrauterine Insemiantion)
    4. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
    5. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
    6. Surrogacy
    7. Assisted Hatching
    8. Blastocyst Culture
    Dr. Victor K Wanjohi

    Best IVF Doctors in Kenya

    Dr. Victor K Wanjohi

    Qualifications: MBChB, MMed(Obs/Gyn) 

    Experiences: more than 15 years

    Dr. Wanjohi is the best Obstetrician gynecologist. He is one of the best fertility doctors in Kenya. As he has top education in performing the best surgeries. You can choose him for the best method. Also, his expertise is top in performing treatments. It helps couples in the best results. 


    Dr. Josephat Wangwe

    Best IVF Doctors in Kenya

    Dr. Josephat Wangwe

    Qualifications: MBChB, MMed (Obs/Gynae)

    Experiences: over 15 years

    He is the best fertility specialist in Kenya. As Dr. Wangwe’s qualifications are top. He performs treatments with advanced help. Also, every patient gets the best result. Moreover, your chances can increase. Because he has a specialty in many methods. It provides a great chance for every couple. As they can become pregnant. 


    1. Onocological procedures
    2. Surgical methods
    3. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
    4. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
    5. Surrogacy
    6. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) 
    Dr. Joshua Noreh (Best IVF doctors in Kenya) 

    Best IVF Doctors in Kenya

    Dr. Joshua Noreh

    Credentials: BSc, MMed Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MSc, and Fellow in ARTs

    Experiential knowledge: over 15 years

    Dr. Noreh is the best fertility specialist in Kenya. You can pick them for the best techniques. Because they have aided many infertility issues. Also, he has the best education. As a result, you can select them for the top outcome. He has a great level of specialization in it. Due to the availability of many infertility therapies.


    1. Intrauterine implantation (IUI)
    2. In vitro fertilization (IVF)
    3. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
    4. FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)
    5. Blastocyst Culture
    6. Laser Assisted Hatching
    7. Surrogacy during pregnancy
    8. Therapy for intralipids
    9. SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) 
    10. Epididymal sperm aspiration through a needle (PESA)
    11. TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)
    Dr. David Mwithiga Thuo

    Best IVF Doctors in Kenya

    Dr. David Mwithiga Thuo

    Qualifications: MBChB, MMed (Obs/Gyn), PGdip Infertility management 

    Experiences: Over 14 years

    You can have the best fertility doctor in Kenya. As Dr. Thuo has top experience. Also, his treatment expertise is top. It helps in conceiving the baby. Also, the couple has top results with their help. Moreover, he has top membership in fertility societies. As, Member East Central and Southern Africa Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology. So, you select him for better process and result. 


    Why KENYA IVF? 

    The best IVF centre in Kenya has top facilities. So our patients do not face any problems. Thus, you can select us. We will help you at every stage. Also, many couples have conceived their child. Moreover, these help in top pregnancy. Our facilities:

    Best ivf doctors in kenya

    IVF in Kenya

    • Top medical staff for every step help
    • Advanced infrastructure and rooms
    • Highly latest procedures
    • World-class techniques and technologies
    • Suitable IVF cost in Kenya
    • Donor and freezing facility
    • Consult us: +919560712022
    • Or Email:
    Frequently Asked Questions for the best IVF doctors in Kenya:

    What will happen if my IVF cycle becomes a failure?

    Do not worry! Because IVF is the topmost procedure in various issues. The couple facing IVF failure still has the chance to achieve top outcomes. As the IVF cycle can perform again after one or two failures. It provides the best chances to conceive a healthy baby. You can have the best treatment as per your conditions. And in another IVF cycle, the expert recommends different advanced approaches. As, your IVF can perform with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), donor eggs, sperm, PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnoses), etc. These help in achieving top treatment outcomes. 

    How frozen embryos are the best?

    Frozen embryos are previously fertilized eggs that help in another pregnancy. As the couple can cryopreserve their fertilized eggs. As the IVF process has left some embryos, you can decide on freezing. It is the best technique to save your healthy fertilized eggs to use in a future pregnancy. Because the frozen fertilized eggs have high quality and a high chance to provide top outcomes. Also, the process is the top as FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) for implanting the embryo inside the female uterus. And, you will not require to undergo the entire IVF cycle again. As the ovulation induction (IVF medications), invasive egg retrieval or fertilization does not need to perform again. 

    Why does the ICSI in IVF the top decision?

    IVF involves the couple’s gametes fertilization under observation by mixing on a Petri plate. But if the male sperm has poor mobility or the female egg’s outer shell is thick, you will face problems. As your IVF cycle can cause issues and treatment can become a failure. So, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the best decision. Because, the process involves choosing the healthy sperm and directly injecting it into each egg. It helps in successful gametes fertilization. And your process can provide top pregnancy outcomes. 

    What are multiple pregnancies with IVF treatment?

    The IVF treatment performs by collecting multiple healthy eggs and sperm. These retrieve from the couple’s reproductive system. And IVF needs several gametes for a successful and better outcome. So, the expert retrieves multiple eggs and sperm. These are fertilized by the expert and form several fertilized eggs. So, the expert chooses three or more fertilized eggs for implantation inside the female uterus. And if the entire three or more embryos will implant and start growing, the problem will occur. It can be life-threatening for the female partner. Also, your expert can perform techniques to control multiple pregnancies. 

    How can I pay for my IVF treatment?

    IVF treatment is an expensive process and may not be affordable for every couple. And, it causes a problem for couples to have the process of conceiving. But, the best fertility clinics have the facilities and benefits to provide suitable charges. Or the couple can have options in the IVF treatment to have affordable charges. As the best clinic has packages for the treatment stages as per issues. Then, the IVF cost instalments as you can pay the treatment charges in short instalments. And you can have a loan facility. Because many banks provide fertility treatment loans at fewer EMIs. 

    What to do after several IVF failures?

    Do not stress! Assisted reproductive methods (ARTs) have many choices after defeats. Your expert can tell you the last option. But it is not the least option for having a top outcome. As, surrogacy can offer the best result. Because the process involves top stages. Another fit woman helps the couple by conceiving their child. It also performs with the best IVF approach. As it helps in the surrogate mother’s pregnancy. The surrogate mother bears to deliver the couple’s child. It has the highest success rates of any other process. Because it supplies a healthy child in the couple’s hands.

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