Law for Surrogacy in Kenya

Surrogacy is unreasonable in well-developed countries like the US and the UK as it is very expensive there. In some countries law is against the surrogacy procedure, however, some districts they are extremely open for the surrogacy procedure and there is no legal Surrogacy Law in Kenya. The government of Kenya has put no legal law Surrogacy Law in Kenya against the surrogacy procedure as they know that it’s a simple procedure which is helping out the infertile couples who are unable to conceive naturally and they need some medical help to complete their families.
Kenya is the most favoured Nation for the people from other well-developed countries because the cost of surrogacy is less expensive here and the success rate of taking a home baby is high. Couples from different countries visit Kenya for their surrogacy treatment and it’s a great matter of pride for Kenya to say that the success rate of taking a home baby has been increasing in high numbers every year.

Advantages of Surrogacy in Kenya

The big advantage of going for surrogacy in Kenya is that there is no Surrogacy Law in Kenya. People of the same sex or different sex can travel to Kenya to fulfill their dream of having their own baby. Another most important factor for surrogacy in Kenya the growth of the number of people in Kenya every year is increasing for surrogacy here they have to pay less than half of the price which they are currently paying in their own countries. Kenya is a country where people from different countries can easily avail the facility of the egg donor and the surrogates here and that too at less cost. Additionally, Kenya is also equipped with well-qualified and experienced fertility doctors to help the infertile couples.

What Surrogacy Law in Kenya states?

The Surrogacy Law in Kenya states that both the parties need to sign the agreement before they begin the surrogacy procedure and the agreement states that after the birth of the baby the surrogate will hand over the newborn to his/her intended parents without any issues and they are going to be paid for their services. It’s the responsibility of the intended parents that on the third day when the baby born they file a petition in court and seek permission from the Court to be legal parents of the newborn. The Court then orders the Department of Vital Statistics to issue the new birth certificate in the name of the intended parents as the legal parents of the newborn.

Once the legal procedure completed the gestational surrogate has no relationship left with a newborn. The surrogates required a lot of emotional, mental and physiological support from their families to undergo the surrogacy procedure and this is the reason that surrogate agencies are preferred married women with kids for the surrogacy procedure and the surrogates should be between the age group of 23 to 40 years.

Final Thoughts on Surrogacy Law in Kenya

The government of Kenya is very kind and hence they understand that surrogacy is a procedure meant for couples of the same sex or different sex just to fulfil their incomplete family by having their own baby. This is the reason that no Surrogacy Law in Kenya applied for anyone and people from different countries travel down to Kenya to fulfil their dream of having their own baby. As we all know that nowadays, the same sex or becoming a single parent is growing rapidly and everyone needs a baby to fulfil their empty lives. So for them, surrogacy has become a blessing to fulfil their empty lives by gifting them their own baby.