IVF Cost in Kenya – Suits to the pocket of every individual

The average Cost of IVF Treatement in Kenya is $5,000 for one cycle & IUI Cost $2,150, FET Cost $2,000, IVF + ICSI Cost is $6,100 (All Costs in US$). IVF Cost in Kenya increased the number of patients traveling to Kenya from other well-developed countries because the IVF treatment cost is less and success rate of take home baby is high. Everyone on this planet has a dream to have their own baby; however, due to the cost of IVF in well-developed countries, people are not able to afford the IVF treatment. Kenya is a country which offers the affordable IVF Cost and fulfills the dream of the infertile couple by gifting them a most precious gift of their life which is their own baby. Nowadays, Kenya has become a most favored destination for the fertility treatment.

Explained IVF Cost by Kenya IVF

Explained in Detailed IVF Cost Approximate Cost in USD*
Advanced IVF Cycle $5,200
Normal IVF Cost $5,000
Advanced IVF Cycle + ICSI + Medications $6,100
Normal IVF + ICSI $5,606
IUI Per Cycle $2,150
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) $2,000

IVF Consultation Fee at Our Centre (in USD)
Average IVF Cost (in USD)
IVF With IUI (in USD)

Why people prefer Kenya for IVF treatment?

Following are the few reasons for which people prefer Kenya to get the solution from their infertility problems:
IVF Cost in Kenya is very reasonable and affordable as compared with other well-developed countries.
• Availability of state- of- the- art technology
• Well-qualified and experienced fertility experts
• Advanced facilities as per the every patient comfort
• High success rate of taking home baby of women under age of 35 years
• Helpful medical tour consultants to help international patients to find the best hospitals in the country.
• Availability of the language translators.

Cost-Effective IVF Charges in Kenya

People who do not wish to spend much on IVF treatment they can visit Kenya for the world-class fertility treatment at affordable cost. The fertility experts including other staff members are very helpful and supportive that they will take your personal and medical care properly through the entire procedure and also discuss with you about your medical condition at each and every step of your treatment. They offer you the comfortable and pleasant stay during your entire procedure. The doctors including other staff members are well known for their personal attention to each individual and they make sure that the treatment which they offer you suits to your pocket as well as fulfill your dream of having your own baby.

Basic Cost of IVF Package

The basic cost of IVF package for single IVF cycle is around USD $5,000 by using your own eggs and sperms; however, this is an estimated cost, it may increase or decrease for single cycle according to the age, cause of infertility, etc.

Advanced IVF Treatment Cost in Kenya

If you use donated eggs or sperm for your treatment then the additional cost of IVF is around USD $1,000 which means basic + additional (USD $5000 + USD $1,000 = USD $6,000) or if you use IVF with PGD then the additional cost for IVF around USD $3,000 (USD $5000+USD $3000= USD $8,000), IVF with FET (Frozen embryo transfer) is around USD $2,000 (USD $5, 000+ USD $2,000 = USD $7,000) and this includes the pre-existing expenses. The cost of IVF package is comparatively less when it compared with the IVF cost of other well-developed countries which is USD $25,000 excluding pre-existing expenses.
The IVF Cost in Kenya not only suits your pocket but also it will give you a high success rate of take-home baby which is around 70 to 80% of the women under the age of 35 years and also we make the pregnancy possible for women over the age of 40 years by using the latest and advanced technology.

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