IVF Cost in Kenya – Suits to the pocket of every individual

The average Cost of IVF treatment in Kenya is $5,000 for one cycle & IUI Cost $2,150, FET Cost $2,000, IVF + ICSI Cost is $6,100 (All Costs in US$). IVF Cost in Kenya increased the number of patients traveling to Kenya from other well-developed countries because the IVF treatment cost is less and the success rate of take-home baby is high. Everyone on this planet has a dream to have their own baby; however, due to the cost of IVF in well-developed countries, people are not able to afford IVF treatment. Kenya is a country that offers affordable IVF Cost and fulfills the dream of the infertile couple by gifting them the most precious gift of their life which is their own baby. Nowadays, Kenya has become a most favored destination for fertility treatment.

Why choose us for the best IVF cost in Kenya?

KENYA IVF is the famous IVF centre in Kenya. You can choose various methods. Because we have top processes. It helps couples become parents. Our patients get full facilities and benefits. Our services are maximum. As these provide the utmost comfort to every couple. Moreover, we focus on patient satisfaction. And the couple has the best IVF cost in Kenya. But, Why choose us:

IVF cost in Kenya

IVF cost in Kenya

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  • Budget-friendly IVF cost in Kenya
  • Experienced fertility doctors
  • A high percentage of IVF in Kenya
  • Super affordable packages
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Explained IVF Cost by Kenya IVF

The IVF cost breakdown in Kenya: 

IVF stage 

Charges (in USD) 

Initial counseling

USD 500 to USD 600

Medical examinations 

USD 500 to USD 600

Fertility and hormonal medications 

USD 1100 to USD 1500

Anesthesia (2 times) 

USD 500 to USD 600

Retrieval and sperm preparing 

USD 700 to USD 800

Fertilization and observation 

USD 1000 to USD 1100


USD 700 to USD 800

IVF Consultation Fee at Our Centre (in USD)
Average IVF Cost (in USD)
IVF With IUI (in USD)

Why people prefer Kenya for IVF treatment?

Following are the few reasons for which people prefer Kenya to get the solution from their infertility problems:
IVF Cost in Kenya is very reasonable and affordable as compared with other well-developed countries.
• Availability of state-of-the-art technology
• Well-qualified and experienced fertility experts
• Advanced facilities as per every patient’s comfort
• High success rate of taking home babies of women under the age of 35 years
• Helpful medical tour consultants to help international patients to find the best hospitals in the country.
• Availability of language translators.

What includes in the IVF cost in Kenya?

Your IVF cost in Kenya can be the best. The process can perform with the other approaches. It will depend on your issues. Since the expert will recommend it. First, they confirm your issues. Then suggest the top method. It helps in a successful pregnancy. Also, Different stages can increase many issues chances. But the IVF cost breakdown in India can affect.

The following are the stages in the basic IVF cost in Kenya: 

  • Medical testing: Your health is evaluated by the doctor. It conducts many inspections. They do this to verify your health. They will examine the partner’s female health and fertility. They can also ascertain the disorder’s existence with it. As the youngster may catch it from it. Your sperm and egg health will also verify.
  • The best IVF centre in Kenya offers counseling sessions. It is created by leading counsellors. As they outline the course of treatment. They concentrate to control your stress level using it. They can therefore contribute to better processes and outcomes.
  • Your doctor will suggest several fertility drugs for the creation of eggs. For the female, it is for 12 or more days. Also, as you become older, your ovaries will generate more eggs. Increased ovarian function is a result of it. They also produce more eggs on average. Your eggs’ quality will also improve as a result. And highly mature eggs will produce by the ovaries. With the use of ultrasounds and blood tests, your specialist will monitor. The hormonal injection will then administer. As It facilitates the egg release from the ovaries to the uterus.
  • Retrieval: Following that, you’ll have your healthy eggs back. Your specialist employs cutting-edge methods. as a transvaginal ultrasound catheter. They administer anaesthesia beforehand for more comfort throughout the procedure. Your process will operate more comfortably and serenely. The stage is invasive, thus. They will use it to place the gadget within the uterus. It enters the uterus through the vagina. A tiny needle will help you collect your eggs.
  • The specialist collects the eggs after they aspirate. As your follicles contain your eggs. A sample of semen will take. The male partner will provide it to your expert. And they prepare the semen to harvest healthy sperm.
  • Healthy eggs and sperm will fertilize after mixing. As it operates under scrutiny. The top eggs and sperm will place on a dish by your specialist. Once combined, fertile eggs will result. Or is ICSI the best approach? The best procedure is ICSI. When a single sperm inject into the eggs by the specialist. The gametes therefore fertilize. And it produces the best, highest-quality fertilized eggs.
  • Transfer: Your doctor will next choose a few of the fertilized eggs to implant. The specialist will first keep track of your fertilized eggs. They can select the best-developed eggs with its assistance. And the most effective one will implant in the uterus of a woman. It will be affixed to the catheter. Anaesthesia will also use throughout the procedure. The top-fertilized eggs will then pass through the vagina and into the uterus.
  • Pregnancy outcomes: Your implanted eggs will fertilize. It will then adhere to the lining. And there, it begins to expand. It enables a fruitful pregnancy. And after two weeks, your pregnancy can confirm. The blood test will conduct by the specialist. It aids in knowing the outcome.

IVF Success Rates in Kenya:

Our IVF success rate in Kenya is much higher. It helps in the best outcome. So, you can have the top process. Because we have top procedures for many infertility conditions. Your chances are higher in becoming pregnant. As patients can have their advanced methods. With it, we have top-notch technologies. These help in better treatment and results.

Best ivf doctors in kenya

  • Uterine health and issues
  • Lifestyle or any addiction
  • Eggs and sperm fitness
  • The couple age
  • Other conditions
  • Inherited disorder

The couple’s chances are as per their issues. Your top method for infertility will help. As, your expert will suggest it. Before it, they will check your issues. Thus, IVF treatment in Kenya becomes successful. Many top approaches can add into the IVF cost in Kenya:

IVF with self gametes
IVF with donor eggs
IVF with donor sperm
IVF with PGD
Donor embryo
IVF with SSR
Surrogacy with donor eggs

Cost-Effective IVF Charges in Kenya

People who do not wish to spend much on IVF treatment they can visit Kenya for the world-class fertility treatment at affordable cost. The fertility experts including other staff members are very helpful and supportive that they will take your personal and medical care properly through the entire procedure and also discuss with you about your medical condition at each and every step of your treatment. They offer you the comfortable and pleasant stay during your entire procedure. The doctors including other staff members are well known for their personal attention to each individual and they make sure that the treatment which they offer you suits to your pocket as well as fulfill your dream of having your own baby.

Basic Cost of IVF Package

The basic cost of IVF package for single IVF cycle is around USD $5,000 by using your own eggs and sperms; however, this is an estimated cost, it may increase or decrease for single cycle according to the age, cause of infertility, etc.

IVF cities in Kenya table:
Cities for IVF in Kenya Costs (In USD) 
IVF cost in Nairobi USD 5,000 to USD 6,000
The IVF cost in Mombasa USD 5,200 to USD 5,800
The IVF cost in Ruiru USD 5,400 to USD 5,700
IVF cost in Kikuyu USD 5,100 to USD 5,900
IVF cost in Nakuru USD 5,050 to USD 5,950
The IVF cost in Eldoret USD 5300 to USD 5,750
The IVF cost in Kisumu USD 5,450 to USD 5,900
IVF cost in Thika USD 5,400 to USD 5,700
IVF cost in Limuru USD 5,000 to USD 6,000
The IVF cost in Malindi USD 5,200 to USD 5,800
The IVF cost in Kitale USD 5,100 to USD 5,900
IVF cost in Garissa USD 5300 to USD 5,750
IVF cost in Kakamega USD 5,450 to USD 5,900
The IVF cost in Kapenguria USD 5,400 to USD 5,700
The IVF cost in Bungoma USD 5,200 to USD 5,800
IVF cost in Busia USD 5,000 to USD 6,000
IVF cost in Nyeri USD 5,450 to USD 5,900
The IVF cost in Ol Kalou USD 5300 to USD 5,800
The IVF cost in Meru USD 5,100 to USD 5,900
IVF cost in Kilifi USD 5,400 to USD 5,700
The IVF cost in Wajir USD 5,200 to USD 5,800
IVF cost in Mumias USD 5,000 to USD 6,000
The IVF cost in Voi USD 5,400 to USD 5,700
The IVF cost in Iten USD 5300 to USD 5,750
IVF cost in Lugulu USD 5,450 to USD 5,900
The IVF cost in Homa Bay USD 5300 to USD 5,750
IVF cost in Naivasha USD 5,200 to USD 5,800
The IVF cost in Nanyuki USD 5,050 to USD 5,950
IVF cost in Mandera USD 5,100 to USD 5,900
The IVF cost in Narok USD 5,400 to USD 5,700

Advanced IVF Treatment Cost in Kenya

If you use donated eggs or sperm for your treatment then the additional cost of IVF is around USD $1,000 which means basic + additional (USD $5000 + USD $1,000 = USD $6,000) or if you use IVF with PGD then the additional cost for IVF around USD $3,000 (USD $5000+USD $3000= USD $8,000), IVF with FET (Frozen embryo transfer) is around USD $2,000 (USD $5, 000+ USD $2,000 = USD $7,000) and this includes the pre-existing expenses. The cost of IVF package is comparatively less when it compared with the IVF cost of other well-developed countries which is USD $25,000 excluding pre-existing expenses.

The IVF Cost in Kenya not only suits your pocket but also it will give you a high success rate of take-home baby which is around 70 to 80% of the women under the age of 35 years and also we make the pregnancy possible for women over the age of 40 years by using the latest and advanced technology.

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What can affect the IVF cost in Kenya?

Various factors can cause problems. As it will increase the IVF cost in Kenya. Though, IVF is the top method. Because it helps with many infertility issues. And the couple conceives their child. But, the IVF treatment cost in Kenya can affect. Since it is not the same for every couple. Their issues and factors may cause problems. These can increase the cost. As the couple cannot afford it. But, you can manage the IVF price in Kenya. By focusing on some points. It helps in having the best budget.

The following factors can affect your IVF cost in Kenya:

  • Procedure:

The IVF process may not be the same for every couple. As advised by your expert. First, they perform many testing. Then, they suggest the best method. It helps in better pregnancy results. So, your process can have other stages. It can perform with highly advanced technologies. Or the method first performs for other issues. For instance, uterine fibroid. So, it requires surgery. Then the expert will perform IVF. It will have the fertility test cost in Kenya. 

  • Location:

Your IVF place can cause problems. As many cities are there. They provide the best IVF cost in Kenya. But, the average cost of IVF in Kenya will be different. Every city has different costs. It also depends on their centres. As every place have several centres. So, it will provide a better option for you. And you can choose the place with the best IVF cost in Nairobi. 

  • Problems:

IVF in Kenya is the best. As many issues are manageable. And the couple can conceive their baby. Your procedure will perform as per the problems. In severe conditions, you can face failure. And the expert can recommend the IVF cycle again. And it will affect the IVF Kenya cost. Your issues can require other surgical methods. These impact the cost of IVF in Kenya. 

  • Centre:

Your Nairobi IVF centre cost can be different. Since many centres are available. They have various procedures. Also, their IVF treatment cost in Kenya can be different. Because it depends on their services and assistance. You can have the centre with the affordable IVF cost in Nairobi. 

  • Advanced approaches:

Many methods are available. These help in better pregnancy. But also affect the IVF in Kenya cost. Your expert can suggest them. And by checking your issues. Because it will increase the IVF success rate in Kenya. For instance, you choose ICSI, Donor help, SSR, PGD, or FET. These will increase your cheap IVF in Kenya.

Where to have the affordable IVF cost in Kenya?

KENYA IVF is the best IVF centre in Kenya. Because we have affordable IVF cost in Kenya. These have top assistances. As the couple can have top results. Moreover, we have the best cost of IVF in Nairobi. It helps couples in having the top method. Since they can afford the treatment. With it, they get many approaches in one place.

You can also select us. Because you can have the cheapest IVF cost in Kenya. Other methods have the best price. As the IUI cost in Kenya is top lower. It also has high success rates. Since many couples have chosen the process. And they get the suitable cost of IUI in Kenya. Our patients get top assistance. As you can have packages or installment benefits. It helps in affording the price. And your cost of IVF in Nairobi can manage. 

Our IVF cost in Kenya 2020, 2021, and 2022 is much more suitable. As many couples have conceived. Thus, the top IVF cost in Kenya 2023 can become successful for you. It is the right option. Since you can start your parenthood. By having a healthy and genetic baby.

How we are on top? 

The best IVF centre in Kenya has top facilities. So our patients do not face any problems. Thus, you can select us. We will help you at every stage. Also, many couples have conceived their child. Moreover, these help in top pregnancy. We have the best assistance. These help with the IVF cost in Kenya. Our facilities:

Best Surrogacy Agencies in Kenya

Best Surrogacy Agencies in Kenya

  • Top medical staff for every step help
  • Advanced infrastructure and rooms
  • Highly latest procedures
  • World-class techniques and technologies
  • Suitable IVF cost in Kenya
  • Donor and freezing facility
  • Consult us: +919560712022
  • Or Email: info@kenyaivf.com
Frequently Asked Questions on the IVF cost in Kenya: 

What happens in no sperm count in IVF?

The IVF treatment has the best solution for the no or poor sperm issue. Because various advanced approaches can include in the IVF treatment. So, you can have different assistance in IVF treatment for achieving a better process. As the male partner no sperm condition can treat with top methods. The expert recommends SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval). As it helps in azoospermia (no count) or poor sperm health. The process involves collecting the male partner’s sperm from the reproductive tract. As they use TESA/MESA etc. With it, your IVF treatment can perform with the donor sperm. It has a high chance of providing successful pregnancy outcomes. 

How does an inherited disorder issue assist in IVF?

The genetic or inherited disorder causes several problems in the child’s health or the successful pregnancy. Because it is the major issue for several miscarriages. The conception changes affect the condition. So, your expert can recommend the PGD or PGS (Preimplantation genetic diagnoses or screening). It helps in achieving better outcomes as the couple fertilized eggs can examine before implanting. The expert performs as the gametes fertilize and the cells biopsy in the lab performs. It helps in discarding the embryos with the disorder’s presence. And healthy fertilized eggs without the disorder can choose for implantation. 

What can affect my IVF cost?

The IVF charges are not the same for every person. Because it depends on the couple’s health and fertility conditions. For a successful result, you need top gametes quality that helps in a better outcome. And your IVF charges will not impact. Because poor egg or sperm health can affect successful pregnancy chances. Also, the female partner’s age is one of the top factors in increasing the IVF cost. Because the advanced age causes problems in fertilized egg implantation and pregnancy result. Moreover, your IVF centre, expert, treatment processes, etc will cause problems in the charges. 

How can I choose for the eggs or sperm freezing?

Any person or couple can choose the gametes freezing facility. As during their IVF treatment or without any process. Because it provides an option to save their healthy gametes at a young age. And they can use them in future pregnancies for conceiving healthy babies. You can choose the eggs or sperm freezing in any fertility or IVF centre. They have a facility that provides a program for cryopreservation. It can store your healthy eggs, sperm, or fertilized eggs. And the storage period also depends on you from six months to ten years. Similarly, the IVF treatment can include a couple of gametes or embryo storage by freezing. 

What will happen if my IVF cycle becomes a failure?

Do not worry! Because IVF is the topmost procedure in various issues. The couple facing IVF failure still has the chance to achieve top outcomes. As the IVF cycle can perform again after one or two failures. It provides the best chances to conceive a healthy baby. You can have the best treatment as per your conditions. And in another IVF cycle, the expert recommends different advanced approaches. As, your IVF can perform with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), donor eggs, sperm, PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnoses), etc. These help in achieving top treatment outcomes.

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