Who are Egg Donors?

Egg donors are the women who donate their eggs to women who are unable to conceive with their own eggs due to the bad quality of eggs produced or they have increased age where no eggs are left in their ovaries. Egg donation is the best solution for single of same-sex couples as well.

Get the best Egg Donor Profiles in Kenya

Kenya is the country where we have well-established egg donor agencies and these agencies hire only the young, fertile and healthy egg donors. Egg Donor Profiles in Kenya is consist of women less than the age of 30 years and who is not suffering from any illness or genetic disorders. The egg donor agencies have the Indian, African and Caucasian egg donors and all these egg donors need to qualify the following criteria to become an egg donor:

• BMI should not be more than 30
• Age should be between 18 to 30 years
• Good and healthy diet
• No family history of recurrent bad health.

How to become an egg donor?

To become an egg donor you need to fulfill the above criteria and if you are fit for the egg donor program then your agency will hire you. By deciding to become an egg donor you are providing a chance to infertile couples to start their family who was unable to conceive naturally due to the variety of infertility reasons.

You will be compensated for donating your eggs and the compensation is based on the country you reside, previous donations and biological factors.

In Kenya the egg donors who are donating her eggs for the first time they are paid around USD 4,000 and for experienced it is around USD 7,000. Some of the VIP donors are achieving around USD 10,000 and they are academically very high standard donors.

Who required the eggs of the egg donor?

Egg donor eggs are required by the women who are unable to produce enough normal eggs but are otherwise able to be pregnant. Some of these women have entered the stage where there normal monthly cycle gets to stop at an early age. Others are at the age where they produce eggs less readily even with fertility drugs. Still, some of them try standard IVF but unable to produce the good quality of eggs in such condition the best option for them is eggs from an egg donor.
In most of the cases, women decide to use the donor eggs where she is aware of the increased risk of inherited disease for e.g. women are healthy herself but she and her partner both carry a gene for the same disease which can be transferred to the child they have together. Using an egg donor who does not carry the gene eliminates this risk.

Please note: We do not recruit egg donors and surrogate mothers. Egg donors and surrogate mothers are recruited by professional agencies for IVF centres.