IVF Success Rate in Kenya- To beat infertility in larger number

Infertility has been increased by 60-70% in past few years due to late marriages; couples are focusing their career, etc. There are few factors on which the IVF Success Rate in Kenya depends which are as follows:

• Age: Age is one of the most important factors on which the success rate of IVF depends. According to the fertility experts, women who are under age of 35 years have more chances to get pregnant than the women over the age of 40 years or above. As the women grow older she hardly left with eggs, or the eggs which she produced is of bad qualities which are of no use as compared with the egg quality of the younger and fertile women.

• Change in lifestyle: Due to change in your lifestyle such as you smoke or consume alcohol or drugs also affect your chances of getting pregnant as the smoker needs the high dosage of fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries. So if you are undergoing for the IVF treatment you need to quit smoking, avoid the consumption of alcohol or other drugs to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

• Body weight: Body weight is another important factor which affects your IVF Success Rate in Kenya. If you are overweight then you have to reduce your extra weight to increase your chances of getting pregnant similarly, if you are underweight then you have to gain the weight according to your BMI. Being overweight and underweight both affect the success of IVF cycle. To getting pregnant it is important that you should maintain your ideal body weight according to your BMI.
BMI= Weight (in Kgs)
Height (in meters) X Height (in meters)

• Earlier Pregnancy: If you were pregnant earlier, then it will increase your successful chances of getting pregnant for the second time, however, if had repeated history of miscarriages then your chances of getting pregnant will reduce.

Success Rate of IVF clinic

Your success rate of IVF also depends on the IVF clinic which you have chosen for your IVF treatment and the numbers of embryos are transferred. Before you plan your IVF treatment you should do your homework while searching the best IVF clinic and this you can do by using the internet or you can ask your friends or relatives who had undergone for the IVF treatment. You should always check the qualification and experience of the fertility experts and embryologist, check the time taken for the IVF treatment, cost of the IVF, success rate of the IVF clinic of take home baby, the number of babies born in IVF clinic you have chosen etc. It is important to ask all these questions before you plan your IVF treatment so that by the end of your treatment you will not end up with failure.

How the success rate calculated

IVF success rates are the rates after the pregnancy and there are several ways to calculate the same, however, all the IVF Success Rate in Kenya is calculated by dividing the number of live births divided by a number of embryo transfers. Till date, the IVF Success Rate in Kenya is around 70-80% of women under age of 35 years which is quite high as compared with the success rate of other developed countries.