How much does a test tube baby cost in Kenya?

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Why has the test tube baby in Kenya?

Infertility conditions are the major concern of couples. It affects their lives by not allowing them to conceive the baby. Any partner can face different issues related to fertility that impact their possibility of having a healthy child. It happens due to improper lifestyle, without exercise, having obesity, and not eating healthy. Various other factors lead to infertility in partners like any injury, disease, and surgery.

The test tube baby process is the top in assisting several infertility problems of men and women. It is an assisted reproductive procedure that performs for successful conception using partner eggs and sperm. It has chances in helping different factors related to infertility of the couples. You can conceive a healthy child through a test tube baby in Kenya.

Kenya is the best country over western developed nations because it has top procedures at affordable cost. Many clinics and centres provide infertility treatments processes with the best facilities. The test tube baby treatment in Kenya performs the fertility expert that offers an opportunity to have the biological baby. In its procedure, the eggs and sperm of partners fertilize outside and transfer into the female uterus. It accomplishes with the latest technologies and up-to-date methods that provide the best process. The Test tube baby treatment cost in Kenya is more sensible than in developed countries.

The test tube baby treatment Kenya can help partners with many sterility issues and help them conceive successfully. Your expert will recommend treatment after medically screening both partners. Your infertility conditions of partners can help through the test tube baby process in Kenya:-

  • The eggs are not healthy as the female partner has an ovulation disorder that affects the eggs production and maturity.
  • Male sperm has poor quality, quantity, motility, and morphology that cannot fertilize the eggs.
  • Unexplained infertility reason of partners that not letting them conceive the baby
  • The couple has had several miscarriages in the last year, resulting in significant infertility.
  • You cannot conceive with several IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) cycles that have chances with IVF.
  • The female partner has advanced age that causes premature menopausal condition as poor eggs health.
  • The female uterus has problems with abnormal growth, fibroids, endometriosis, and polyps.
  • A partner has an inherited disorder that will pass into the child and affect the health.
  • The female fallopian tubes with damage or blockage are the problem in the reproduction process.

How does the test tube baby treatment perform in Kenya?

The test tube baby treatment in Kenya requires healthy eggs and sperm of partners. In the process, both gametes fertilize together and form embryos that transfer into the female uterus for conception. It is the best treatment that includes crucial steps and provides better results.

  1. Checkups: It will perform by your doctor to examine both partners’ fertility status and treatment results. IVF provides better results with healthy eggs and sperm quality. Your expert can recommend donor assistance that will offer better results. Some blood testings, ultrasound, and physical analysis will include in the process.
  2. Stimulation:- The fertility medicines will prescribe through the doctor that increases the eggs production for IVF treatment. Ovaries function will promote and tend to release healthy eggs. The medications will work with the body hormones and enhance eggs production will providing more than one egg during the process. The eggs will release into the female uterus to help experts collect eggs easily.
  3. Retrieval: A catheter will collect the female eggs inside the uterus. The doctor will use a speculum to open the vaginal opening and introduce the catheter (including a light and a camera) into the uterus. A sharp needle will insert to collect the eggs through follicles and extract them outside. The male partner will ejaculate and produce a semen sample prepared by washing in the lab.  
  4. Insemination: A Petri plate will use in the fertilization process of your eggs and sperm. Both gametes will place with each other that help sperm enter the egg center. In it, the moving sperm will attach their heads to the egg wall and insert into the egg cytoplasm. It will distinct into cells in some days and form embryos.
  5. Transfer: Your fertilized eggs will monitor in the lab for four to five days. They will separate healthy and developed fertilized eggs and cryopreserve the left for future use. It will place into the female uterus following the retrieval process as placing the embryo onto the catheter and inserting inside. 
  6. Pregnancy: It will check on after two weeks of the implantation process of the embryo into the female uterus. It will confirm as the fertilized eggs will adhere to the uterine lining and start growing.  

What are the factors that influence the test tube baby cost in Kenya?

The Test tube baby treatment cost in Kenya is more reasonable than in industrialized nations. It affects several factors of partners and their treatment process. Healthy eggs and sperm produced by the younger spouse will require successful conception with the test tube baby treatment in Kenya. The advanced age couples need more IVF cycles to conceive successfully.

The Test tube baby price in Kenya starts from USD 5,500. The cost of the top centre is significantly lower than the cost of other centres in Kenya. IVF procedure and different approaches that increase its success rates are available at an affordable price.

KENYA IVF is the best test tube baby centre in Kenya that has delivered many babies of couples facing infertility issues. It has high success rates of several treatments and methods that help partners become parents successfully and overcome their sterility problems. The top test tube baby clinic in Kenya has up-to-date techniques and approaches. It provides low cost Test tube baby in Kenya that helps people of different countries. It is the top-notch test tube baby clinic in Kenya.

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