IUI Pricing in Kenya: An Overview

Kenya IVF Offer IUI Treatment At Very Low cost. The Treatment cost of IUI in Kenya has been Very Minimal its just $1,000 USD to $1,200 USD. But Other Thing Like Ultra Sound & Other Services Cost is Excluded. For More Details Contact Us to Get The Exact Price Details.

Single Out the Most Affordable IUI Treatment by Kenya IVF

IUI stands for Intra-uterine Insemination; it’s a relatively basic or simple fertility treatment and much easier than other Assistive Reproductive Technique (ART) such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI etc. In the procedure of IUI in Kenya, the female faces with minimal discomfort. IUI is an easy technique to treat with infertility issue.

During the step of IUI Kenya, sperms are collected from the male partner and then by the special technique, it is washed in order to eliminate the impurities present in the semen. IUI treatment Kenya can be performed with or without fertility drugs or medications. It is believed that if IUI is done with fertility medications then the result will be more favourable than without using fertility drugs. If the female is unleashing healthy eggs and has regular/proper ovulation cycle then she can go IUI without this medication.
IUI treatment facilitates healthy fertilization by direct inserting the concentrated sperms near fallopian tube of the female at the time of her ovulation. IUI Cost in Kenya is far reasonable and is affordable by each infertile couple, who is fishing around for the matchless and under-budget IUI treatment in Kenya.

Kenya IVF puts forward the most affordable IUI Cost in Kenya and serves second to none IUI treatment all over the world. Kenya IVF offers IUI treatment at a very low cost, providing all the comfort and advance facilities to the patient during the treatment.

Why choose the best clinic for infertility treatments in Kenya?

Infertility treatments involve many stages and advanced technologies. You can have the best process with the top clinic assistance. As they have the utmost services and procedures for every couple. Moreover, you can get the best process that helps in receiving the best outcome in becoming pregnant.

iui cost in  kenya

iui cost in kenya

  • Several methods and approaches in one place
  • Highly advanced technologies and all required equipment
  • Well-known fertility experts with high skills and knowledge
  • Various approaches and facilities in one place
  • Better opportunities for affordable budgets
  • Top success rates and high chances
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Suitable patient to undergo IUI treatment

• Male Infertility factor; those males, whose sperms are less motile , or not active
• Unexplained infertility factor
• In some couples sexual pain may make intercourse not possible
• Hostile cervical mucus
• Couples, choosing for Donor Sperm

Who cannot go for IUI?

• IUI is not recommended for those women who have blocked fallopian tube
• History of Pelvic Infection
• Endometriosis (is that situation where the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus)

Cost of IUI in Kenya is not that beyond your budget

IUI Cost in Kenya stands to reasons, it is low priced if we compare to other fertility treatments. IUI is that effective and productive technique which each sterile duo should consider initially if they are facing with any difficulty to become parents.
Charges and fees structure of IUI in Kenya.

IUI (Artificial Insemination) Cost in $(USD)
Consultation charges $30
Ultrasounds + Blood Tests $200 – $300
IUI with fertility medications $500
IUI with male partner $500
IUI with donor sperm $1,000

So, the treatment Cost of IUI in Kenya ranges between $500 – $100 USD.

Success Rates of IUI

In a recent study, $1000 of IUI cycles, researchers found that the success rate per couple (over one or other cycles) relied on their age and reason for their infertility case. Success rate of IUI in Kenya by Kenya IVF is 55-60. Those couples, who can’t afford the cost of assisted reproductive Technology, can go for twice or thrice cycles of IUI, depending on the cause of their sterility.

How does the top fertility clinic in Kenya help?

The best fertility clinic is crucial for every couple to get top results. As they support with utmost assistance and care. So, you can get the best comfortable procedures to become parents. For this, they support couples throughout the treatment. And they get the best outcome without any problems. Moreover, we have high success rates in many fertility treatments. Because these methods perform with the state-of-the-art. Furthermore, our top fertility experts and doctors perform the treatment. Hence, couples get top chances of becoming parents.

  • Most-effective procedures and services
  • Utmost care and comfort during treatments
  • Highly educated and skilled fertility experts
  • Top-suitable methods with better options
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What are the top options for infertility issues?

Couples face various infertility problems that affect their overall lives. For this, they require the best assistance in becoming parents. Thus, many top-notch methods are available for different problems. These help in increasing the couple’s chances of pregnancy. And the couple can get the best process for becoming parents. You can look for the best method as per the health or infertility issue. Such as IVF, IUI, Surrogacy and many other processes are available. These are highly successful in various infertility problems. And through these, couples can become parents of their healthy babies.

How to increase your fertility chances with any treatment?

Well, infertility treatments are highly successful for different issues. Thus, couples can get the best results in becoming pregnant. You can increase your fertility chances with the best process. With it, you can focus on some points to improve the results. Being fit and healthy can help you have better outcomes for becoming a parents. Moreover, you can choose the best fertility clinic that has top services and processes. Besides, you can pick the right method as per problems. Since top fertility methods can include other approaches as well. These help in improving the couple’s chances for pregnancy.

How much do infertility treatments cost?

Infertility treatments have various options for every issue. These methods involve advanced technologies and top observation. Thus, every couple or individual can successfully have their parenthood. But these methods have different options as per the couple’s needs. Hence, the charges are also different as per treatment stages. Generally, fertility methods are expensive for every couple. Still, you can check for top ways to manage the cost. As for it, you can select the best fertility clinic with top assistance. They help in providing better options to make the process suitable. With it, you can also know points to help the treatment expenses.