Most Assured Service with Affordable Cost for surrogacy Nairobi

By visiting different countries, you may find cost varies from one place to another. But by seeing the existing time, as the cost is increasing leaps and bound. It has become hard to bear the cost of the surrogacy treatment. Having a child is always a dream of parents and any hurdle on the path may incur problem in the marriage life. Thus, world fertility center in Nairobi has done the excellent job in providing the best quality with least fees.  By mildly calculating each and every equipment cost we have set the very least price so that each and every couple can join hands with us in the successful treatment of infertility. By following specific measure, we have set the lowest fees, the reason is simply that more and more people can come forward for the treatment of surrogacy. Nairobi

What is Surrogacy and the process involved

Surrogacy is one of the more assisted reproduction technique, which helps to conceive, the whole process of surrogacy is carefully planned with mother’s egg and by taking father’s sperm and then was in a special laboratory for fertilization, and ultimately resulted embryo is then transferred into the uterus of a woman. The most amazing benefit of surrogacy is that when the child takes birth, the baby is genetically and biologically more similar to intended couple. So most of the couple preferred to go with surrogacy rather than going for other types of  treatment.

Transparency in the surrogate mother and cost in Nairobi

As we are aware of the fact that gestational surrogacy is indeed  very costly , so by realizing the truth, we take care of each and every resource provider  to the intended couple. We indeed provide easy and helpful surrogate journey. From the egg, to the IVF and medical screening is required to go through surrogacy. We have the best surrogate mother who is physically and mentally are trained to go through surrogacy.

Get the most economical cost in Nairobi 2021.

Surrogacy cost in Nairobi is very less and by calculating all the necessary resources from the surrogate mother to the egg donor, we have carefully planned the fee payment. Thus, the cost of surrogacy in Nairobi is from one stage payment  from the starting point  with the registration with surrogacy,

  • Consultation fees
  • Helping with the egg donor selection,
  • IVF drugs and injection,
  • Embryo transfer,
  • Embryo shipping
  • Attentive care with cordial hospitality.

So by calculating all the above fees and with the expertise of the gynaecology team, we have set the lowest price of 35000 USD. This is quite lower than comparing another surrogate centre to another country taking about the U.S.A they charge the exorbitant amount of 90,000USD.

Choose the best surrogacy centre in Nairobi with the most economical cost

As we had always feared In mind before taking up any treatment. The reason is that we might not invest uselessly without getting the best quality, here we have the world best doctor with world best quality treatment to heal your infertility concern by the departure of our clinic with the beautiful baby.