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Surrogacy Charges in Kenya – Which surpasses many hurdles for childless couples

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The Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is very reasonable for the couples who wish to have their own baby but due to expensive surrogacy treatment in their countries, they are not enjoying their parenthood. For all those couples Kenya is the best place to fulfill their dream of having their own baby. Nowadays more international patients from other developed countries are traveling to Kenya for their surrogacy as the Surrogacy Charges in Kenya is less and success rate for taking the baby home is high.

According to research the cost of surrogacy procedure mainly depends on two factors which are:

(i) Country in which you are residing has a great influence on the surrogates for e.g. if you are residing in a country like the US and the UK than the you need to pay high compensation to your surrogate which will increase your surrogacy cost, however, if you choose the country like Kenya where you will get the surrogates in half of the cost which you are paying in other developed countries like the UK and the US as the Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is very less as compared to other countries.

(ii) The another factor which affects your Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is the medical care which is very high in the developed countries like the US and the UK as compared to the cost of medical care in Kenya and also Kenya is a country where you will get the low- Surrogacy Cost in Kenya with high success rate and the best quality of the treatment same as you get in other well-developed countries.

What is the estimated Surrogacy Cost in Kenya?

The estimated Surrogacy Cost in Kenya using the gestational surrogacy procedure is around USD 35,000 and using the traditional surrogacy procedure is around USD 30,000 including all other expenses such as food, accommodation, clothing, legal charges, recruiting of surrogate etc. also your Surrogacy Cost in Kenya includes the medication which you required to stimulate your ovaries, however, in the countries like the US and the UK where the surrogacy cost starts from USD 80,000 and they do not include other expenses related to surrogates and also they ask you to pay extra for the medication which you need to stimulate your ovaries.

Kenya is a country where you can bring your own surrogate according to your preference, however, you make sure that the surrogate which you hired should be fertile and healthy enough to bear the stress of the procedure and also she should be properly examined for her infectious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis so that it will not passes to the newborn. Also, your Surrogacy Charges in Kenya will reduce to USD 30,000 for gestational and USD 25,000 for traditional with your own surrogate.

What’s the Surrogacy Fees in Kenya for using 2 cycles?

The Surrogacy Fees in Kenya for using 2 cycles is also very reasonable for e.g. if you have your frozen embryos left from your first cycle then you can re-use them for your second attempt or if there are no left-over embryos and you wish to go for the second attempt as the first one was failed to give you the results then you can go for the second attempt using self or donor stimulation which will additionally cost you around USD 8,000 by transferring embryo into same surrogate, however, if you wish to have different surrogate then you need to pay USD 12,000 additionally.

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