What is infertility treatment? How much does infertility treatment cost in Kenya?

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Infertility treatment in Kenya:-

You have been attempting to become parents or pregnant for several years but have been unsuccessful due to severe infertility. It can be due to male or female partners that have problems and a reason for their childlessness. Many people cannot conceive their babies because of various difficulties. People are busy with their schedules these days so, they do not maintain a healthy diet and instead rely on fast food. It’s because they’re dealing with a slew of health issues, and stress is a major contributor to infertility.

You’ll find a wide variety of infertility treatments that can help with a variety of partner infertility concerns. With sterility conditions, your conceiving chances are lower. They require assistance to have a pregnancy and the baby.

You will find an extensive range of infertility treatments that help with several infertility concerns. They are expensive that middle-class families cannot afford. They opt to live childlessly or select an option of taking a loan that helps them.

You can have the best infertility treatment in Kenya. Many centres, clinics, and hospitals are present for treatments. The infertility treatment cost in Kenya is more reasonable than in developed countries. It provides better approaches for patients to have treatments under pocket-friendly expenses.

What are the infertility problems in Men and women in Kenya?

The female and male partners have different infertility issues that determine their treatment needs. The following are sterility issues in men and women:

In Women

  • Ovulation disorder: Many women have an issue with their regular menstruation that becomes a problem in healthy eggs production through the ovaries. Healthy eggs and sperm require successful fertilization different problems affect the eggs conditions. Hormonal imbalance is the crucial factor that causes PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  
  • Tubal issue: Females have had any surgery, injury, or infection that affects the health of fallopian tubes cannot become pregnant without assistance. It influences the travelling process of the eggs and sperm into the uterus. Any blockage or damaged cause severe infertility in females.
  • Uterus conditions: Different problems related to uterus health affect fertility as endometriosis affects the normal function by growing outside the uterine lining. Implantation issues cause by non-cancerous growth, fibroids, and polyps in the uterus. Cervix mucus or uterus shape becomes an obstacle between the eggs and sperm fertilization.  
  • Unexplained infertility: Some women face difficulty in conceiving though they do not have any visible infertility issues. It requires assistance that will help them in having children.
  • Advanced age: Reproductive age stays till 30 to 35 years after it, ovaries functions slow that because poor eggs production and the health also deprive.

In Men

  • Poor sperm health: For successful pregnancy results, healthy sperm are vital. Different issues affect the production of healthy sperm in the male partner. It causes infertility as poor sperm cannot fertilize the female eggs inside the uterus. It causes by a hormonal imbalance that affects production.
  • Obstruction: Any obstruction or obstacle present in the male reproductive tract becomes a problem in the sperm flow and causes azoospermia (no sperm) in the male partners.
  • Movement and shape: It affects the motility and morphology of the male sperm that does not properly fertilize the sperm and provide conception results.
  • Inherited disorder: Some genetic disorder affects the chromosomal and causes miscarriages.  

What are the treatment options available in Kenya for sterility conditions?

The best infertility treatment in Kenya is IVF which has high success rates in assisting severe conditions of men and women. You can use other approaches with IVF to manage several factors. It performs with fertilization of the couple eggs and sperm outside the female body.

IVF is the best Female infertility treatment in Kenya that help different conditions. For increasing eggs quality and health, fertility medicines use in the process. You can use donor eggs or embryos that provide better results in severe problems.

  1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the successful process for treating various conditions of partners and providing successful conception to them. You can use donor assistance such as the donor eggs, sperm, or embryos in self gametes that have a poor condition.
  2. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) helps in severe male infertility factors that perform with IVF for better results.
  3. PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Testing) is a procedure for preventing the transmission of any genetic illness to the kid. It performs in the IVF treatment and provides the best results.
  4. Laser-Assisted Hatching (LAH) involves puncturing the fertilized eggs before transferring them into the female uterus.
  5. Many treatments are available that recommend by experts according to individual health status. IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) performs in some mild infertility issues. It accomplishes by placing the male sperm into the female uterus.
  6. After IVF, you can undergo the frozen embryo transfer (FET) procedure to keep your fertilized eggs in cryopreservation until you’re ready to use them for conception.
  7. Surrogacy is the top process provides the baby in the hands-on infertile couple. It involves another healthy woman carrying the baby for intended parents with severe infertility conditions.

What has treatments costs in Kenya?

Infertility treatment price in Kenya is much lower than in well-developed countries. It provides options for many people from different countries who cannot afford treatments. You can have pocket-friendly infertility treatment costs in Kenya. A wide list of procedures is available that assist various conditions.

IVF is the best infertility treatment in Kenya has high success rates and affordable costs than in the U.S.A, the U.S, Russia, Canada, etc. Different factors affect the cost of infertility treatment in Kenya.

  • The IVF cost in Kenya ranges from USD 5200.
  • IUI treatment per cycle cost is USD 2150
  • IVF with medicines and ICSI is USD 6100
  • IVF with ICSI cost ranges from USD 5600
  • Surrogacy cost in Kenya starts from USD 30000
  • FET cost is USD 2000

KENYA IVF is the best infertility treatment clinic, with top doctors and professionals.  It offers cutting-edge approaches and cutting-edge technology at an accessible price. It has a higher infertility treatment success rate in Kenya.

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