IUI Treatment in Kenya

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Why IUI treatment for infertility in Kenya?

Infertility is not just a word stating that a couple is childless because it also affects their regular life and causes sorrow and unhappiness in their lives. In many cases, the male partner cannot impregnate his wife because of male infertility. The couple can conceive through IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) treatment.

IUI is the first recommended treatment for infertility. It has a positive outcome in treating male infertility, which harms lives and overshadows the couple delight. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is the best treatment for male infertility that assists in the couple conception.

In its process, the male sperm directly inserts into the female uterus for fertilization and pregnancy results. IUI is less invasive with minor surgical procedures than other infertility treatments.

Kenya is the best destination for various infertility treatments. It has many infertility treatment centres and hospitals to help Kenya people and other nations become parents. Anyone can have infertility treatments in Kenya as no rule has imposed. The cost of infertility treatments in Kenya is affordable than in well-developed countries. The IUI cost in Kenya 2021 is highly inexpensive than in other destinations.  

Which conditions do IUI treatment help in Kenya?

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) helps in various infertility conditions. Majorly, it is a form for male infertility and female with a semen allergy. It makes the fertilization process more effective. It requires countable sperm in a semen sample. People with severe infertility conditions will not be successful with IUI in Kenya. The donor sperm can use in the process for better results.

The following are the infertility conditions in which a couple can conceive:-

  • IUI treatment can help a man with a low sperm count cannot pregnant his spouse.
  • Females with moderate infertility like poor egg quality.
  • Mild endometriosis condition in a female partner can assist with IUI treatment.
  • The thick mucus cause infertility as sperm sticks to it that stops it from becoming successful.
  • If you are facing unexplained infertility and cannot conceive, requires assistance for conception.
  • The female partner who has an allergy to the semen sample can become pregnant with IUI treatment.

What is the IUI procedure in Kenya?

The IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is the treatment that helps couples in conceiving successfully. It requires healthy sperm and eggs, as IUI therapy will not work if the sperm and eggs are of poor quality.

Intrauterine Insemination will accomplish in the following steps:-

  1. Your expert will understand the conditions to check the infertility status and problems of the male and female. In mild male infertility, the expert recommends IUI treatment. Your counselling will hold by the centre to clear your doubts and provide you support and positive vibes.
  2. The ovarian stimulation will perform if the quality of the female egg is not enough. In it, fertility medicines will increase ovarian function and raise egg production in the ovaries. After that one, one more medication will release the eggs into the uterus.
  3. The male semen sample will collect or, your expert can retrieve the sperm using SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval). It is the process of retrieving sperm with mildly invasive surgery. Your semen sample will prepare in the lab by washing and collects high-quality sperm.
  4. The injection will fill, and a catheter will insert into the female partner’s uterus. The sperm will inject into the device to insert inside the uterus and, fertilization will happen. It will reach the eggs and fertilize them inside.
  5. Until the successful treatment results, your specialist may recommend hormonal therapy. After three to four weeks, a blood test of the female partner will confirm the pregnancy. The positive results will follow the typical pregnancy and, failure will require another IUI treatment cycle.

What are the IUI success rates in Kenya?

Kenya has high success rates of various infertility treatments. IUI success rate in Kenya is also high. Healthy sperm and eggs require for IUI treatment. The success rate of IUI in Kenya influences by several factors. 

The cost of IUI is unaffected by healthy sperm and eggs. Poor quality will require donor sperm or, failure will need another treatment.

IUI success rate in Kenya highly depend on the age of the couple. It notices that the older age couple requires the number of IUI treatment cycles to conceive successfully.

How much does IUI cost in Kenya?

IUI cost in Kenya 2021 is affordable compared to the well-developed countries. It is a fair treatment that other infertility treatment processes.

IUI cost in Kenya 2021 ranges from USD 500 to 1000. It will depend on various factors that influence the cost and raise it high. IUI with donor sperm approximately ranges from USD 1000 in Kenya. IUI cost in Kenya 2022 price is also same USD 500 to 1000.

Your IUI price in Kenya will affect by the following factors:

  • Donor sperm: the sperm donor cost will add to the overall treatment cost in Kenya.
  • IUI treatment cycles: The numerous IUI cycles will increase the total costs.
  • IUI failure: Your treatment failure will require another treatment will have a higher price than the IUI.
  • Treatment destination: In Kenya, different centres have various costs for each treatment and, by self-finding, you can find the affordable centre with better results.

Where to have the best IUI treatment in Kenya?

The KENYA IVF is the best IUI centre in Kenya has highly situated facilities. All the services are well developed and formed for the people better results. They have sensible costs for every treatment that fits patients pockets. Their services and facilities provide high satisfaction and comfort to patients.

Their IUI success stories 2021 are highly soothing and increase the hope of successful results. For various infertility treatments, they have well-certified and experienced experts.

The centre has high success rates in various infertility treatments. For better results, they have highly formed approaches. It has fair costs of several treatments with high success rates. They have cost affecting packages for the costly procedure. It also provides the best egg or sperm donor in Kenya.

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