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How Much Does Test Tube Baby Cost in Kenya 2021?

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Test Tube Baby Cost  Cost in USD
Consultation Fee $100
IUI Fee $800
IVF Fee $5,500
IVF ET $5,600
Medication Cost $1,500
ICSI Cost $7,000
Seman Analysis Cost $1,200

Here is The Explained Cost of Test Tube Baby

*Note: Cost Will Be Different Centre to Centre

Know The Approximate Test Tube Baby Cost in Kenya’s Best Clinic

Test Tube Baby Centres Located in Cost of IVF for One Attempt
Kenya IVF Centre Mombasa & Nairobi $5,500
Nairobi IVF Centre Nairobi $6,600
Footstep To Fertility Nairobi $7,000
Lifebridge Fertility Clinic Mombasa & Nairobi $6,800

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