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Does test tube baby in Kenya helps?

Infertility is the most crucial phase in any person life during reproductive age. They crave to have the baby in their arms, but fertility issues come in the mid as obstacles. Many people today cannot become parents due to various fertility issues. Having a healthy and biological child is the dream of many couples. Infertility can affect any partner health and is responsible for the couple childlessness.  

The test tube baby treatment in Kenya is the best process for a successful conception in infertility problems. It can help with different ailments and give partners with a healthy child. Many people choose the procedure to improve their chances of conceiving a biological child. In the process, various problems like the genetic diseases, uterine issues, ovulation concerns, gametes health, and male factor infertility can manage and become successful.

Test tube baby and IVF are the same treatment that is the best Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART). It requires the eggs and sperm of the partner to collect by a fertility expert and fertility in a laboratory. The entire reproduction process after releasing the gametes accomplishes under experts’ observation. You can have a low cost test tube baby in Kenya because western developed countries have many times higher IVF costs than Kenya.

How much does the test tube baby process cost in Kenya?

Because of any problems with the technique or the outcome, people majority believe test tube baby treatment cost in Kenya is minimal. It is not true; Kenya is a developing country with advanced techniques and technologies borrowed from developed nations. The best centre has the following process of test tube baby treatment in Kenya:

Starting with medical checkups will help experts with your fertility and health conditions. It will provide your inner troubles and the fundamental cause better understanding to the expert. It will assist them in recommending the optimum IVF technique and approach. Ultrasounds, blood tests, and physical and other medical exams will be among the numerous screenings.
The second step of IVF start is partner counselling for the high comfort and stress-free process. Anxiety and tension are the main aspects that affect the successful conception. The best counsellors of the centre calm patients’ psychological states and increase chances. They will describe the process and prospected results. 
After counselling sessions, the fertility doctor will prepare partners for better health. The fertility medications will prescribe to the female partner to help ovarian function and increase eggs count. In natural ovulation, ovaries release one egg per cycle, but with medicines, they will discharge several eggs (more than 8 to 9) at a time. It will produce in the uterus with a hormonal injection by your expert.
Once the eggs travel into the uterus, your expert will maintain the observation with ultrasound and blood testing. It can perform with anaesthesia used for an easy process. The female vagina will open with a speculum and insert a catheter inside. It will reach the uterus through the cervix, and a camera will send a picture of the egg’s location. Your expert will use a fine needle to aspirate the follicles containing eggs inside the uterus. 
The expert in the lab will collect and prepare the male partner sperm. They choose healthy sperm and combine them with eggs in a Petri dish. The sperm will migrate and connect their heads to enter the cytoplasm. Both will mix and divide into cells for a few days while remaining in the lab.
Experts will monitor the fertilized egg mixture for five to six days to see if embryos form. It will monitor by a doctor to pick healthy embryos (fertilized eggs). The catheter will insert into the female womb. It will attach to the uterine lining and start growing. Your expert will take a blood test, after two weeks, for the pregnancy results. 

How much a test tube baby cost is lower in Kenya?

Test tube baby treatment price in Kenya is different for every person as per their infertility and other conditions. It includes the mentioned treatment process in Kenya, and other approaches required for any problem will add to the cost.

The cost of test tube baby in Kenya starts from USD 5000 performed with the eggs and sperm of partners without any advanced process. IVF or test tube baby cost in developed countries ranges from (approx.) USD 12000. It is more than double the price in Kenya, and many people from different countries select the low cost test tube baby in Kenya. The following is the various cost in the top centre of Kenya:

IVF TreatmentsCosts (USD)
Normal IVF$5,000
Advanced IVF$5,200
IVF with donor eggs/sperm$6,000
Advanced IVF with ICSI and Medications$6,100
IVF with ICSI$5,606
IVF with PGD$8,000
IVF with FET$7,000

Your test tube baby cost in Kenya can differ depending on various factors. Your expert can suggest different approaches for successful results that affect the price. The following factors are responsible for IVF cost changes in Kenya:-

  • Male factor infertility:- The severe conditions of male infertility require another approach for successful fertilization in the test tube baby treatment. The SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) methods, fertility medicines, or other techniques can use.
  • Destination and clinic:- The place you are selecting for the treatment matters most because the far from the home centre will require travelling and staying costs till the complete process. Some clinics do not disclose the entire treatment cost influences the charges highly.
  • Treatment cycles:- If your previous IVF cycle fails to provide successful results, your expert will suggest another one. It will require performing the process again and increasing the cost highly. The gametes cryopreservation can help in the invasive procedure but need the charges to save them.
  • Tests and counselling sessions:- Other screenings and counselling sessions required in or after the process will increase the cost. Different checkups and tests have various prices that affect the entire cost.
  • Health factors:- Age, diseases, inherited disorders, physical ability, healthy weight, and abusive addiction are highly responsible for the results and results. If you have gametes problems, you will require donor assistance. It will add to the total cost and increase.

You can have the best test tube baby clinic in Kenya, KENYA IVF. They have advanced technologies and up-to-date methods that provide the best results. They disclose the entire process and costs to their patients at the start of treatments. You can have the gametes assistance and various approaches in the centre and do not have to look for another place. They have financial services to help patients with the expenses of treatments.

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