Hysteroscopy Treatment in Kenya – Explained Cost & Procedure

Hysteroscopy Treatment in Kenya is a latest technique that involves a device (small diameter, referred as Hysteroscope), this device is inserted into the patient’s vagina to visualize the lining of the womb or uterine lining (endometrial) used to diagnose and treat the problems of the uterus or womb. Hysteroscopy is used for surgical or diagnostic purposes too.

During Hysteroscopy in Kenya, the procedure involves a thin, telescope like camera and this camera has a light on the end (is referred as Hysteroscope) is inserted into the uterus via the vagina.

Hysteroscopy Kenya usually performed to examine the fallopian tube, uterus, vagina, cervix etc. to inspect any kind of abnormalities; this method can also be accustomed to perform MIS (i.e. Minimally Invasive Surgery). Hysteroscopy treatment Kenya is carried out to diagnostic technique; it sometimes best work for girdle pain or pelvic pain, miscarriages, physiological condition (infertility issue), irregular periods etc.

How Hysteroscopy treatment Kenya is carried out

Hysteroscopy treatment Kenya is generally carried out as an outpatient procedure. Outpatient refers to that case, where patient can leave the clinic or hospital on the same day after her or his treatment and doesn’t need any special attention or care after the procedure.

However, if the Hysteroscopy Kenya is combined with another surgical treatment, then the time of surgery varies and type of Hysteroscopy surgery decides the patient recovery time. Hysteroscopy Kenya is strictly not recommended when the woman is pregnant, a female suffers from pelvic infection, or if the female has cervical or internal reproductive organ cancer. Hysteroscopy cost in Kenya is far reasonable and affordable, is easily affordable by the patients.

Best Hysteroscopy Clinic in Kenya is giving entire comfort to the patient providing ultra-modern and advance techniques in a very decent manner. The cost of Hysteroscopy by Hysteroscopy centre in Kenya is easily reachable by each and every patient and that’s the reason any female can think to undergo this treatment without taking any stress regarding high or expensive cost of Hysteroscopy.

Advantages of Hysteroscopy Treatment in Kenya –

  • A female patient should be able to go home shortly after the procedure of hysteroscopy.
  • The cost of a hysteroscopy in Kenya is easy to afford
  • A hysteroscopy treatment in Kenya is considered as a complete safe procedure with a rare complication.

How many Hysteroscopy is there?

Hysteroscopy treatment in Kenya is used to investigate and to resolve any issue in uterus or womb. Hysteroscopy Kenya is of two types-

  1. Diagnostic hysteroscopy
  2. Operative hysteroscopy

Diagnostic hysteroscopy Kenya is performed when

  • Diagnostic Hysteroscopy is done to envisage the disorder of any infertility issue
  • It detects and investigate the cause of continuous miscarriages in females (if happening)
  • To diagnose any abnormal tumours or cancerous growth in the uterus
  • To diagnose heavy and abnormal bleeding
  • To investigate fertility issues
  • To investigate pelvic pain

Operative Hysteroscopy Kenya is performed when

  • Operative hysteroscopy Kenya is used to get  to the bottom of any issue related female’s infertility matter
  • Used to remove the cancerous growth, polyps and any cysts if formed
  • To remove adhesions
  • To remove fibroids or growths
  • To take a biopsy of the tissue for later investigation

The procedure or mechanism of Hysteroscopy in Kenya –

This method takes 30-35 minutes most unless there’s another procedure to be carried. Simple and uncomplicated steps are there to travel through this method. These are –

  • Initially the female patient has to wear loose gown given by the expert of Best Hysteroscopy Clinic in Kenya.
  • Before proceeding for later step, a patient must empty her bladder.
  • Experts of Kenya IVF first clean female’s vagina using special soap.
  • Then through the opening of the patient’s vagina, the main instrument (hysteroscope) is inserted and carefully it is passed into the uterus through the canal.
  • A liquid or dioxide gas can then be gently sent into your womb through the device to clear the surface and to assist widen it slightly.
  • Thus visualizing the summary of female internal reproductive organ lining or uterine lining and investigating if there is any issue.
  • Once the problem is detected, hysteroscopy procedure is completed
  • Hysteroscope is removed once the step is completed.

If this technique is used for surgery, the surgical devices are placed through the hysteroscope tube to perform the surgery. Surgery time depends upon the case of female internal issue (which has been detected by diagnostic hysteroscope). Kenya IVF is one of the foremost ART specialist centres that put forward the best Hysteroscopy procedure (whether it is diagnostic or operative) to the patient; it gives decent success rate too. Kenya IVF is known as the Best Hysteroscopy Clinic in Kenya for its famed success rate and veteran specialists.

Complication of Hysteroscopy in Kenya, if any-

  • There is a minimal risk of Infections
  • A woman might experience some spotting or Bleeding on the day of the procedure (though it is common and normal, this usually occurs).
  • Allergic reaction
  • Shoulder pain (if carbon dioxide is used during the surgery)
  • She can feel the cramp (similar as period pains)


If a female is experiencing heavy bleeding, high fever, chills or severe pain after this procedure then she should contact her doctor without the delay. Usually, Hysteroscopy treatment in Kenya is performed in the first week after a female’s menstrual cycle, this is because the duration after 1st week of period is best suitable to see inside view of the uterus. The patient is strictly advised by the expert to avoid intercourse for at least a week (or until her bleeding is stopped in a complete way) to reduce the risk of infection.