Surrogacy cost in Kenya

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Why surrogacy in Kenya?

Kenya is the topmost destination for infertility treatments and the best place for surrogacy too. A well-reputed surrogacy centre locates in Kenya. It assists couples with severe infertility and makes them successfully take babies home. In the surrogacy process, a woman becomes a surrogate to conceive and delivers another partners child. It is a highly successful method for infertility issues to take your baby home.

Infertility is a sorrowful and common problem among couples nowadays. It makes their lives more miserable by snatching their fertility and leaving them to live childlessly. According to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), approximately 148 million people have infertility in the world. It is a severe context that an extensive people amount cannot become parents or require assistance. There are few chances of becoming successful with treatments. But everyone does not become parents with Assisted Reproductive Techniques. Severe infertility conditions in which the female health is not to carry the baby requires surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Kenya has assisted many couples in taking their little one’s homes. It is the most effective treatment for intense infertility in which the female partner has no chance of conceiving or giving birth. The Surrogacy Cost in Kenya 2022 is much fair than in highly developed countries. You can find a surrogate in Kenya easily as many women intend to become surrogate mothers and help other couples.

What are surrogacy laws does Kenya have?

Surrogacy in other countries has laws that prohibit different nations and sometimes people of self nations. Surrogacy has no law to consist any person to have surrogacy and become parents. Any person from any nation can have surrogacy to become a parent successfully. Kenya is the best country that has helped many couples to have biological children. People from different countries can become parents in Kenya through surrogacy as Commercial surrogacy has no rules. Any hetero, homosexual couples, single males or females can have their baby through surrogacy in Kenya.

The best centre does not provide surrogacy to the people who only want to relieve the labour pain or intend to save their bodies. If a couple can become pregnant through an ART procedure, they will not recommend surrogacy.

Who is a surrogate mother in Kenya?

A woman who offers her womb to the infertile couple and delivers their baby is a Surrogate mother. She should have a young age, healthy lifestyle, weight (as per BMI), good background etc. Your surrogate in Kenya will hand over the child after delivering and will not have any relation with the child.

The two types of surrogate mothers in Kenya are available. The gestational or traditional carrier will carry your baby in Kenya.

Gestational surrogacy is highly in demand to have own biological baby. It is because used the couple eggs and sperm for assisted fertilization and then implants them into the surrogate uterus. The resulted child does not share any relation with the surrogate mother. In Traditional, the intended father sperm inserts into the surrogate uterus directly. She has a genetic relationship with the child.

What is the surrogacy procedure in Kenya?

Surrogacy in Kenya proceeds with selecting a woman as your surrogate mother. She will carry and deliver your baby in Kenya. Your surrogate mother conception will depend on the surrogacy type you choose. Following the procedure of gestational/traditional surrogacy in Kenya:-

1. Medical screening:-You will select a healthy woman as a surrogate mother after a thorough evaluation. Her fertility status, the possibility of becoming pregnant and infertile condition will determine through screening.  
 2.Egg production and uterus preparation:-In gestational surrogacy, the intended mother ovarian stimulation will perform with the fertility medications. The uterus of the surrogate mother prepares with the medicine to conceive. After that, the eggs will collect from the intended mother uterus. In traditional surrogacy, fertility medications will prescribe to the surrogate mother to increase egg production through the ovaries. In it, the eggs will not retrieve from the uterus. It will implant into the surrogate uterus with the help of a catheter.
 3.Fertilization:In the IVF cycle, the eggs fertilize outside the female body by placing eggs and sperm together on a Petri plate. It will fertilize the eggs and form embryos. In the IUI cycle, the sperm will insert into the surrogate uterus with the help of a catheter. The sperm will travel to the egg and fertilize them.
 4.Result:In IVF, after two weeks, the surrogate blood test will confirm the pregnancy results and conception of the intended parents. In IUI, the pregnancy will confirm after three to four weeks of insertion.  
 5.Care and checkups:After the assured results, you will provide all essentials and requirements to the surrogate mother. You will pay for her regular checkups and visits to the clinic.  
 6.Delivery:-After nine months of a healthy pregnancy, the surrogate will deliver your child. It could be cesarean or vaginal delivery.    

What does surrogacy cost in Kenya?

The Surrogacy price in Kenya is fair than in highly developed countries. It includes various steps like selecting a surrogate, paying for her essentials, routine checkups etc. Your surrogacy type will affect the overall cost in Kenya. Gestational surrogacy requires an IVF cycle for conception and, traditional requires IUI. IUI has a much lower price than IVF conception.

The gestational surrogacy Cost in Kenya 2022 ranges from USD 35,000 to USD 40,000. The cost of surrogacy in Kenya includes various charges of IVF cycle, legal contract, surrogate essentials etc. You are from a different country to having surrogacy in Kenya will affect the total costs. Then it will include your travelling expenses, boarding, lodging and food. 

Which centre is the best in Kenya for surrogacy? 

The KENYA IVF is the best centre in Kenya, with top-notch facilities for surrogacy. It has packages for low cost surrogacy in Kenya. Their experts and specialists for infertility treatments and surrogacy are highly experienced and well-qualified. They provide suitable matches for surrogate mothers.

They have packages for traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and other types. It has a high Surrogacy success rate in Kenya.

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