Surrogacy Cost in Kenya

How to become a Surrogate mother in Kenya?

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There may be some of the requirements for the Surrogates that must be suitable for the woman to become the surrogate mother in Kenya and in anywhere within the world have the same requirements for the surrogates as per countrywide and in any state or city of the country across the globe as the process and requirements must be same and is not fluctuated in any other format.

The basic requirements to be fulfilled in order to become the Surrogate mother of the healthy baby in Kenya, for this the interested woman must follow the under mentioned points.

  • The surrogates should be of any complexion is not the matter as the eggs of the surrogates are not used in getting the treatment to be completed.
  • The most basic is that the woman who is applied for becoming surrogate must be married and have the baby of her own.
  • She must be falling within the reproductive age as the age limit to be prescribed for surrogate mother is within 35 years or may be less than that age limit.
  • Lining of the ultrasounds must be of updated quality which is required for conceiving a baby in her womb.
  • The woman’s womb should be physically fit and fine to carry the healthy baby within.
  • The woman is free from the genetically relative diseases and is not facing any disorders relative to the same.
  • All the Blood tests are normal.
  • HIV is negative and she must be from HIV relative diseases.
  • She must be a non smoker, not consuming alcohol and must be free from drugs.

Why pick the best surrogacy clinic in Kenya?

The best surrogacy clinic in Kenya is essential for having top results. As they focus on providing top methods. Since these perform with utmost care and assistance. You can have the best process that helps in making the method successful. Surrogacy is an emotional rollercoaster journey for every couple. For it, you need the best place with better facilities. They can make your process journey much better.

  • Complete comfort and care during treatment
  • Highly skilled and helpful medical personnel
  • Modern technology for cutting-edge innovations
  • Appropriate support and care from the beginning to the finish
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The surrogates must be accomplished within the better surroundings and the environment which is fit for her and most suitable for her as the woman must be living in the place which is free from smoking and for this sometimes the intended parents provides the suitable flat to the surrogate mother to live in and the baby should get all the required stuff in an efficient manner and the motive behind it is to make the surrogate to inhale in non polluted environment  during the pregnancy procedure of her.

Surrogacy process followed by the Surrogates

The surrogate must be gone through the Surrogacy process as the surrogate must carry the child of the intended parents and is only gone through the process and for such a process she is getting a hefty amount which is to be payable by the couples too in case the intended parents are satisfied with the services she is prevailing and for the services she is wisely prevailing she is also getting the additional amount from the agencies and the clinics she is hiring by.

For that she is given proper training for the services  by the agencies and also once the procedure done regarding the services like the services she is giving, as in simple terms once the delivery is done than the Surrogate mother must hand over the child to the intended parents and for that she is given remuneration and all the terms and conditions should be mentioned within the contract which is to be duly signed by both the parties as the parties once be mutually agreed up on the terms and conditions only than the parties should sign the contract therewith.

know How to Become A surrogate Mother in Kenya

How to Become A surrogate Mother in Kenya

The parties who are creating a relationship building as for the outcome in the form of baby that the parties who are involved in the process and within which the Agreement is to be signed by the mutual agreement and all the relative conditioning to be followed up on. The parties are:-

  • Intended father of the baby
  • Intended mother of the baby
  • Surrogate mother of the baby
  • In case the donor’s eggs are used than she is also involved within the process
  • In case the donor’s sperms are used than she is also involved in the same process

How does the best clinic help in top results?

Infertility and having a surrogacy process can be challenging for couples. As it can affect their psychological and physical health. You can manage it by choosing the best clinic for top support. They try to provide better services and care for the process. So, you will not face any problems in the method for becoming parents. We also provide top assistance and facilities for having healthy surrogate mothers. For this, they have an extensive database of healthy surrogate mothers. With it, you can also have top options that help with charges.

  • The best support for the cost of treatment
  • Extremely skilled specialists in reproduction
  • Excellent techniques and reproductive processes
  • Best facilities and services for fertility treatments
  • Agency support for donor and surrogate mother program
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Why is surrogacy over other options for parenthood?

Surrogacy is the utmost process for becoming parents successful. Because the method involves the best procedure. As it provides a healthy baby in the intended parents’ hands. Other methods are also available but do not provide top results. Since these also provide pregnancy results in different infertility and health issues. And surrogacy performs with better assistance with the surrogate mother’s help. She will conceive the couple’s baby to help them in becoming parents. With it, the process also involves the couple’s gametes fertilization. So, they will have a genetically related baby. Besides, the method can also include top advanced options for different issues.

Who can benefit from surrogacy?

Many fertility processes are available for different issues. But, surrogacy has more chances than any other method. As it provides the utmost results in extreme problems. Since it provides a healthy baby in the couple’s hands. Thus, it is the best option in various scenarios where the couple cannot become parents. Such as, the couple has faced several pregnancy failures. Or they cannot conceive their healthy baby with other options. Besides, you are struggling with an extreme medical issue that affects your pregnancy. With it, if the couple is the same-sex male couple who wants to become parents. Or women cannot conceive the baby due to various reasons. It helps with surrogacy to have your healthy baby in the hands successfully.

How does the surrogacy process work?

The surrogacy process involves several steps. As the process is more lengthy than other fertility processes. Because it has the surrogate mother help for the couple’s parenthood. It includes steps from having the surrogate mother to taking the healthy baby home. So, the process will include counselling sessions and checkups. It helps in having better procedures without facing issues. After that, the process involves selecting a healthy surrogate mother. With it, the method also has legal agreements and contracts. Then, the process includes medical assistance for the surrogate mother’s pregnancy. As it performs with the couple’s eggs and sperm. So, the surrogate mother will conceive your baby and the results confirm through the checkup. And the intended parents have to provide better care till childbirth.

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