Kenya IVF with egg donor

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Why IVF with the egg donor in Kenya?

Infertility does not mean you cannot become parents or cannot be pregnant ever. Still, you have chances to become successful and have a baby in your arms.

In Vitro fertilization (IVF) is the best treatment that assists infertile couples in having pregnancy successfully. It can help in various infertility problems of a male or female partner. In its process, the eggs and sperm of partners fertilize outside their bodies. It has a high chance of providing successful results than other alternatives.

IVF is the global approach that lets many people conceive in infertility and whenever you need to become. Numerous techniques with it increase the treatments and results and widen the criteria. The egg donor Kenya is one of the best approaches in IVF treatment that provide high egg quality and quantity in the poor self. It can use in IVF if the female partner eggs cannot use in the treatment. It has high chances and more success rates.

Kenya is the best country that has affordable treatment costs than developed countries. The egg donor in Kenya with IVF treatment provides a high conception possibility.

In which conditions IVF with the egg donor can assist in Kenya?

IVF with the egg donor can assist various issues that cause severe infertility. The following difficulties can help with Donor egg IVF in Kenya:-  

  • Advanced age:- After the age of 35, the fertility health of a person deprives. It affects the female eggs count and quality.
  • Ovarian failure:- Due to premature menopause, the ovaries tend to produce poor quality eggs or no eggs that cause infertility in the female partner.
  • IVF failure:- Your previous IVF treatment fails in several tries and cannot identify an explained reason for it. With donor eggs, it can provide high results.
  • Genetic disorder:- the female has a risk of transmitting the inherited disorder to the child. It can assist through the donor eggs that will be healthy and have high conception chances.  
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What is the procedure of IVF with the egg donor Kenya?

The IVF treatment with donor eggs has high success rates. Your expert will advise the treatment and approach to have better results. You will select the donor eggs and, the expert will recommend the best techniques. The donor egg process is anonymous but, at some places, you can choose an egg donor as per your requirement. Following is the IVF with donor egg process in Kenya:-

  • Check-ups:- Your expert will screen the egg donor thoroughly to know her health and can she donate.

Both the partners will also evaluate to understand the fertility conditions and possibility of conception. With ultrasound and blood tests, it will perform and provide the outcomes.

  • Counselling:- The counsellor will check your reports and sort out all the treatment-related queries. They also calm you down and help you manage your worries and stress.    
  • Stimulation and retrieval:- The egg from the donor ovaries will retrieve through the expert. Before it, fertility medications will stimulate ovarian function and increase the quantity and quality of eggs. The eggs will release in the uterus with the help of one more hormonal medicine.

A flexible and thin tube will remove the eggs from the donor uterus. 

It will gather with a sharp needle. The expert will collect a semen sample through the intended father.

  • Insemination and preparation:- Two methods are available for fertilization, the donor eggs and sperm will place on a Petri Plate and, the sperm enters the egg cytoplasm. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) can use in fertilization as the technique for injecting healthy sperm into each egg. It will perform for fertilization and form embryos. The uterus of the potential mother will prepare with hormonal drugs until the embryos form and reach the blastocyst stage.
  • Implantation:- Your expert can select one or more embryos to implant into the uterus. It will place on the catheter and insert into the uterus through the vagina and cervix opening. It will insert into and adhere to the uterus lining for further development.
  • Results:- The treatment cycle will be successful and, the couple conceives have pregnancy after two weeks. Your blood test after two weeks will confirm the pregnancy results.

What has IVF cost in Kenya with the egg donor?

The egg donor cost in Kenya is affordable than in developed countries. It does include the charges of medicines. IVF is not a low price procedure because it involves numerous retrieval procedures and medications.

The IVF with the egg donor in Kenya is available in an affordable package. It depends on the centre as different centres have various costs and packages.

The egg donor Kenya cost depends on various factors such as conception possibility and other approaches required in the treatment. IVF with egg donor cost in Kenya is USD 23,000. It will affect the donor experience as follows:

  • First-time egg donor:- USD 23,000
  • Experienced egg donor:- USD 26,000 and
  • With VIP egg donor:- USD 29,000

The egg donor success rate in Kenya is high. In Kenya, IVF using fresh donor eggs has a success rate of 75 to 85%. Your chances of success will determine by your reproductive state, age, and treatment methods. For better success rates, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) will recommend by your fertility expert. IVF with donor eggs can provide high success rates because the eggs collect through healthy and fertile women. It will have high quality and quantity and provide more chances of conception.

Which is the best IVF centre in Kenya?

The KENYA IVF is the best IVF centre in Kenya has high success rates. They have VIP care for every patient and serve treatments with high satisfaction and comfort rank. They provide an extensive database of egg and sperm donors at affordable rates.

The centre is well-reputed and has a vast list of infertility treatments with high results. They have packages that suit the patients’ needs and infertility circumstances for affordable treatment prices. It has well-experienced and certified fertility doctors that have fulfilled many families. Our website :

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