Treatment for Fertility in Kenya – A boon for infertile couples

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Why fertility treatments in Kenya?

Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs) are very much common nowadays. It assists different conditions of partners and provides them successful pregnancy. Many men and women have various infertility conditions that affect their possibilities of becoming parents. Today, all have hectic lives with more work pressure and less focus on diets. People cut nutrients and other essentials from their regular intake. It causes different problems and severe effects on health. Either people have obese or underweight and no in-between the perfect healthy person. Both situations lead to severe infertility in men and women.

The ARTs assist individuals in managing other elements and developing successful problem-solving strategies. Fertility therapies improve pregnancy outcomes while simultaneously addressing other concerns. It performs with the eggs and sperm of the partner in some conditions, and third-party reproduction processes are available if the person has no chance of becoming a parent. Partners with infertility conditions lose all hopes and think for adoption. Though adopting a child is a good option, they need their biological children to pass on the generation. It is possible only by becoming pregnant with self gametes. The fertility treatment cost in Kenya is highly reasonable than in developed countries. Partners from various nations select the affordable fertility cost in Kenya.

What are the different types of fertility treatments in Kenya?

Various fertility treatments are available to assist different infertility conditions of partners. It does require the healthy eggs and sperm of the partner for fertilization that gather through the latest process and medicines use. Your treatment will depend on infertility and health conditions. The best centre in Kenya performs fertility treatment after thorough screening and counselling. The following are the fertility treatments present in Kenya:

  1. IUI: The process of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) functions in different infertility problems of men and women. It is a successful procedure in mild difficulties of a partner like cervical issues, sperm movement, or requires donor sperm, etc. It takes place with a catheter (flexible and thin tube) that insert into the female uterus from the vagina. The healthy sperm will place into the uterus through the device. It will fertilize the eggs present inside the uterus. The fertility medicines are in the process to increase eggs production through the ovaries.
  2. IVF: The most common Test Tube Baby Treatment is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). It is the best procedure for various infertility problems faced by partners. It performs with the eggs and sperm of the couple and fertilizes outside the female uterus. On a Petri plate, the fertility expert fertilizes them. The fertility medicines increase the eggs quality and healthy sperm selects through the male semen sample. With advanced technologies and top approaches, the eggs and sperm fertilize and implant into the female uterus for results. The different methods can perform along with the IVF process for better treatment results.
  3. ICSI: Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) conducts in the lab with IVF treatment. It helps in the fertilization process of the eggs and sperm during IVF. The expert selects healthy sperm to inject directly into each egg. It is the best approach for severe male infertility issues and healthy embryos.
  4. FET:– The Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is the eminent process to become parents again or at an advanced age. Your previous fertilized eggs formed in the IVF cycle can preserve through freezing. It will provide pregnancy results on the next try. The process performs by thawing the freeze fertilized eggs and implanting them into the female uterus.
  5. SSR: Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) helps collect healthy sperm through the male reproductive tract in severe male infertility. It is the best process that provides healthy sperm for IVF and other reproduction treatments.
  6. Donor assistance: Sometimes, partners do not have eggs or sperm for fertilization because of different factors. They have no other option than donor help as the donor eggs or sperm can use in their Assisted Reproductive techniques. The eggs and sperm collect through the healthy person and provide to the infertile couple.
  7. Surrogacy: The top and highly successful method of having the baby in hands. Another healthy woman conceives and delivers the baby for the infertile couple. It recommends only women with severe problems cannot become mothers.

How much do fertility treatments cost in Kenya?

People of developed countries consider fertility treatment cost in Kenya affordable. The Fertility cost in Kenya is highly reasonable because various processes and advanced technologies are available in a single treatment.

The IVF treatment cost in Kenya is not an affordable process that includes several invasive methods. It is higher than the IUI cost in Kenya because the IUI process has less invasive procedures and perform in a shorter period. The ICSI cost in Kenya includes the IVF because it completes and provides results with the IVF process.

The following are the fertility treatments cost in Kenya:

Treatments (Per cycle) (Approx.) Prices in Kenya (USD)
IUI with self sperm USD 2,150
IVF with self sperm and eggs USD 5,000
Advanced IVF USD 5,200
IVF with ICSI USD 6,100
FETUSD 2,000
Surrogacy USD 35,000

The numerous factors will affect the fertility treatment cost in Kenya as:

  • You have advanced age, so fertility treatment will not be successful in a single cycle.
  • Your eggs and sperm condition is not sufficient to provide results. It will require donor assistance (eggs or sperm) that cost will include the entire process.
  • You are selecting Kenya for fertility treatment from another country will require different other expenses that will increase the price.
  • Your previous treatment fails and requires another one for pregnancy will affect the pocket.

Which is the best fertility centre in Kenya?

The KENYA IVF is the best fertility clinic in Kenya with hi-tech technologies. 

They have a world-class infrastructure with a high design for the comfort and pleasure of their patients. They treat patients with the best fertility doctors in Kenya, all of whom have extensive expertise and education. They never fall short of any patients’ demands and provide high satisfaction.

Their up-to-date methods and cutting-edge approaches provide higher results in conception. You will not have to opt for different places for testing and other processes because the centre is all in one with top facilities. They have the best fertility treatment for women and men infertility problems in Kenya. The entire staff follows all regulations and affective conservation for COVID-19 in Kenya. They are fully jabbed against CORONAVIRUS. They ask that their patients obey all guidelines and prevent disease transmission when visiting the centre.

IF any couples are interested for fertility treatment then share your name & email id in chat box. We will assist you in best possible manner way.

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