How much does IVF cost in Kenya ?

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Many western developed countries have higher IVF costs than IVF cost in Kenya. Because Kenya is a developing country, the cost of different technology and procedures are lower. Many top centres are present in Kenya to provide successful pregnancy results at affordable prices. The IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedure accomplishes in a laboratory for the conception of infertile partners. It helps in fertilizing eggs and sperm of partners outside the female womb. Many infertility problems can assist with the process.

The IVF cost in Kenya includes several steps that use cutting-edge technology to provide better results. Fertility medications, egg retrieval, egg/sperm fertilization, and fertilized egg transfer are all part of the procedure. Medical testing and counselling sessions are included in the IVF price in Kenya at the top centre. Experienced doctors and fertility specialists accomplish the process with their best skills.

The cost of IVF treatment in Kenya starts from USD 5,000. It involves one IVF treatment cycle with self eggs and sperm. If you require an advanced cycle, the price will increase by USD 5,200. While donor gametes improve conception rates, they can significantly raise treatment costs. Different approaches increase the cost of IVF in Kenya, and various prices are following:

IVF with approaches Costs (in USD) 
IVF (self eggs and sperm)USD 5000
Advanced IVF USD 5,200
IVF with ICSI (Self gametes) USD 5,606
Advanced IVF with ICSI and Medicines USD 6,100
IVF with PGD USD 8,000
IVF with FET USD 7,000

Every patient will have different costs that will depend on various factors. Your healthy lifestyle and gametes will increase the IVF success rates at a lower cost. If you have other problems with infertility issues such as cancer, PCOS, non-cancerous uterine growth, no egg/sperm count will require different procedures for successful IVF treatment. The following factors can affect the IVF stipend in Kenya for one treatment cycle:

  • The donor assistance (Egg/sperm/embryo) recommends in poor gametes health of a partner. It increases the pregnancy outcome after the process and provides a healthy child. It performs with IVF treatment, and the cost includes and influences the total expenditure.
  • Your expert recommends ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) for successful fertilization of eggs and sperm. It works by selecting and putting healthy sperm into each egg, resulting in healthy embryos.
  • At an advanced age, the intended mother’s uterus health diminishes and affects the fertilized eggs implantation. You will conceive in several IVF cycles that increase the total IVF cost.
  • Some IVF centres in Nairobi do not have transparency in costs and processes that affect patients’ budgets. Choosing the best centre, KENYA IVF, is the best decision for successful IVF at a highly affordable cost.
  • Many people from different countries select IVF in Kenya for a reasonable cost. It requires different charges till their successful pregnancy for living, eating, and moving.

What has the process of mentioned IVF cost in Kenya?

IVF is the best procedure that declines the miscarriages possibilities and improves healthy conception chances. Your fertility expert can suggest the process in different infertility situations of men and women partners. In Kenya, various assisted reproductive treatments (ARTs) enable achieving excellent pregnancy outcomes at a low cost.

The IVF treatment in Kenya performs by the top experts in the best centre. They accomplish the process with the eggs and sperm of partners. With up-to-date techniques and the best technologies, they perform the process and provide the best success rate of IVF in Kenya. They provide counselling sessions and medical checkups in any treatment procedure. The specialist will do a partner screening to assess lifestyle, fertility, reproductive system, and physical health. Through counselling of partners, experts manage the stress level and help calm down the nervousness and anxiety during the process.

  1. After the counselling, your doctor will prescribe some fertility medicines to the female partner. The ovarian function will manage by it and stimulate more eggs production with maturity. 
  1. After the counselling, your doctor will prescribe some fertility medicines to the female partner. The ovarian function will manage by it and stimulate more eggs production with maturity. 
  1. After the counselling, your doctor will prescribe some fertility medicines to the female partner. The ovarian function will manage by it and stimulate more eggs production with maturity. 
  2. During ovulation, your ovaries generate many eggs that will release into the uterus by hormonal medicines.
  3. The produced eggs will move outside the female uterus by the expert. It will use a catheter to insert inside the vagina and uterus. A light and camera will provide guidance of the device inside the uterus, and a sharp needle will aspirate the eggs follicles and retrieve the eggs from the uterus.
  4. The male partner suggests producing a semen sample through ejaculation and providing it to the fertility expert. They will prepare the semen sample in the lab to separate the healthy sperm by washing. It can collect using the SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) in male infertility.
  5. The collected eggs and sperm of partners will inseminate on a cultural dish. It will place on a plate to be mixed and fertilized. The motile sperm attaches to the eggshell and penetrates the cytoplasm. In a few days, the eggs will fertilize and develop into embryos. 
  6. Your eggs and sperm mix will divide into cells and form fertilized eggs in five to six days that will observe by the expert. They will monitor and select the healthy developed eggs for transfer into the female uterus. Your expert will insert the fertilized eggs into the female uterus with the catheter.
  7. The embryo will implant into the female uterine lining between the ten days of the process. Your expert will perform a pregnancy test and confirm the successful pregnancy results.

Why IVF is the top-notch treatment in Kenya?

The IVF treatment in Kenya is the best because successful in various infertility conditions of partners. It provides better results in the failure of previous IUI and other procedures. You can choose the process whenever you want to become a parent, even if you are older. It can perform with donor assistance (Egg/sperm/embryo) for better results. Many centres are present in Kenya for successful IVF treatments with advanced instruments. The best approach increases the success rate of healthy conception. You can handle other problems like genetic disorders, poor gametes health, non-cancerous growths, male infertility factors, etc.

The KENYA IVF is the top-notch centre with a high success rate of IVF in Kenya. You can have top experts and doctors with sophisticated experience and skills for fertility treatments through the centre. It is the premier centre with many techniques and methodologies for improved treatment outcomes. They offer donor help and donor eggs/sperm for healthy and good pregnancy outcomes. Their centre architecture is designed for partner comfort and satisfaction, allowing them to adjust and conduct the procedure more gently and perfectly.

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