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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa 2021?

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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa?

Surrogacy is the final treatment opted by the intended couples those who want to fulfil their wish of giving birth to their own children. Surrogacy treatment in Mombasa is accepted most widely by the childless couple internationally. Surrogacy treatment in Mombasa is a process in which eggs and sperms are extracted from the parents for IVF cycle to implant the fertilized embryo in the uterus of surrogate mother who will carry pregnancy for the intended parent and then handover the newborn baby to them after the delivery. Surrogacy cost in Mombasa is also very reasonable can be afforded easily by childless couple.

Why and when surrogacy in Mombasa is required?

Surrogacy in Mombasa is an advance ART procedure in which intended parent and surrogate mother are team up together to achieve successful pregnancy. Surrogate mother is the female who will carry the baby in her uterus for 9 months on behalf of intended mother. This whole process is supported under supervision of legal expertise and the intended mother and the surrogate is bonded by legal contract. The contract will portray every detail of the treatment including their role and responsibility till the end of treatment to handling over the child to their respective parents. It is also clearly mentioned that surrogate mother are paid for their services and have no rights on child afterwards.

Surrogacy is usually required by intended couple in cases of:

  • When a couple is facing infertility issues
  • When the intended parent have cross their reproductive age limit
  • When intended mother is unable to give birth to child and carry baby in her womb
  • When female partner have blockage in her fallopian tubes
  • When female partner have uterine issues
  • When patient is having history of miscarriages or failures in previous IVF or ICSI cycles
  • When female patient is suffering from severe health related disorders
  • When female partner is examined with polycystic ovaries
  • When the couple is busy in their profession and have no time to deal with pregnancy
  • When female partner is incapable of carrying embryo in her uterus may be because of endometriosis or thin lining of uterus
  • When same sex couple want genetic link to their child.

Surrogacy in Mombasa is safe and secure procedure as surrogate doesn’t have any links with the baby. Baby is handed over to the parents after the delivery. This whole process is legalized by a contract between parent and the surrogate mother. A surrogate mother must be having age limit between 21 to 40 years. She must be physically as well as mentally fit. She must not be having habits like smoking, alcohol consumption or drugs intake etc. She must have undergone the entire screening test for approval of surrogacy and do not have any history of infection or disease like HIV, AIDS etc. She also has pleasant personality with supportive family. These are some basic requirements of surrogate mother necessary for surrogacy. There are two types of surrogacy in Mombasa:

  • Traditional surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy in Mombasa is achieved by the process of IUI or artificial insemination in which the egg belongs to the surrogate mother only where as baby is genetically linked to father and surrogate mother and  not related genetically to the intended mother.

  • Gestational surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy in Mombasa is achieved by the fertility treatment of IVF and ICSI procedures in which the egg and sperm belong to actual parent and after fertilization the resultant embryo is implanted in uterus of surrogate mother. This process is legal in India as it links both intended mother and father genetically to the baby.

Surrogacy cost in Mombasa  

Surrogacy cost in Mombasa ranges from USD 3000 to USD 3500; which is considerably very low and easily accessible as compare to other countries. The surrogacy cost in Mombasa is altered according to the ART procedure required in each case, as every surrogacy treatment plan is unique and has different path. Kenya IVF provides surrogacy in Mombasa under top notch and experienced doctors with high success rates and confirmed results.

The surrogacy cost in Mombasa by Kenya IVF includes firstly the initial consultation of intended couple with fertility specialist which is followed by the medical screening and examination of both partners after that a surrogate mother is teamed up with the intended couple who has matched all the requirements of the couple. Now both the parties are bonded by a legal contract. Once all legal formalities are signed then medical screening of surrogate mother is also completed with the surrogate medications. After that egg and sperm are taken from actual parent for IVF cycle. Once the fertilization is completed the best quality embryos are selected for implantation into the uterus of surrogate mother. Surrogate mother carries the baby for nine months with proper care and responsibility in her womb once the pregnancy is confirmed and she will hand over the baby to the actual parent as soon after the delivery. In this all the medications of surrogate during the pregnancy is also included. All the procedures mention above are included in our package only.

Closing lines:

Surrogacy in Mombasa is the most preferred ART treatment option due to its improving success rate and affordable rates. Kenya IVF in Mombasa provides the best surrogacy centres which provide wide range of fertility treatments including surrogacy. Kenya IVF offers best surrogacy facilities as it is a safe and secure treatment which ensures guaranteed results to the couple who are keenly looking for it. Surrogacy treatment in Mombasa is performed using advance medical technologies and methodologies with elevated success rates that too in affordable packages. Kenya IVF provides surrogacy treatment under supervision of top notch fertility expert in very low and reasonable price which can be easily reached by the intended parent. Surrogacy cost in Mombasa is cost effective and budget friendly as compared to other countries. Kenya IVF take cares of every single patient by fulfilling the dream of having their own child.

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